Conscientious Objectors

A few components shy of a full pouch

Written in one of Yssith-Atil’s note books and cycles sentence-by-sentence through a dozen different languages:

Set off from the Red Mantis caravan on our way to the Boggards. The Free Pirates have taken control of the nearest lake to the caravan camps. Skirted about 100ft around the lake to avoid chimeras. There is a temple of some kind dedicated to a serpentfolk slaying warrior or god close to the Human’s encampment. A cursory analysis of the statue did not provide any useful information. (Unknown deity, unknown event) Terod conducted a further investigation which confirmed my suspicions that the temple area affects non-sentient serpents. He found that it has minor emotional effects on our kind (Inform Issilar to not allow degenerates to come near this temple).

An undead serpentfolk magically attacked Reethna with no effect. The undead, Sozothala stopped when he realized that we were of his former race. He claims that he has been in a torpor for 10,000 years (Post fall of Ydersius during fall of Saventh-Yhi) and was woken up by an elf. He crippled the elf, who is still running around somewhere underground, but destroyed the activation stones to a portal in the process. Sozothala seems to have been a necromancy of substansial skill before his failed transformation (No telepathy…concerning). He still has a lot of power (Where does he keep his books?) and he is still able to raise undead servants. He zealously supports Ydersius’ return… we will have to deal with that before he regains any more power.

We killed several Kletches and Sabosans (Find way to block shriek)

(or create virus to kill all Sabosans)


tbug Grifta

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