Conscientious Objectors

Another Job Well Done

More time back in Westcrown was spent watching humans eat in front of each other and then spend hours and hours sleeping, just like they do each and every night. In spite of all that wasted time, the group managed to heal up and acquire some resources.

They elected to leave Vintari the lillend behind and instead take along a human cleric of Iomadae named Arael. He was clearly in awe of Reethna-Onatee.

The group teleported directly back to the third level of the complex beneath the Moonscar. The humans, of course, brought light sources with them, and this quickly brought down the wrath of the marilith. Combat was engaged, and Varia was able to damage the demon severely. The demon was accompanied this time by several others, namely two vampires and Zakiyya, who was revealed to be a succubus.

Mindful of their oath to track down Zakiyya within ten years and slay her, Varia and Reethna-Onatee made very certain to slay her, thus keeping their word.

They managed to kill one vampire and drive off the other, and the marilith was forced to keep teleporting around in order to attack them. Finally she’d had enough, and left entirely.

Most of the rest of the level consisted of exposed sarcophagi and vampires, which proved easy marks. The only room left before descending stinks terribly, but the group prepared to brave it.


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