Conscientious Objectors

Babysitting Stetha

After Varya’s meeting with the ghost, we have Kyras send her into the air via magic to scout. She doesn’t see too much out of sorts, so we decide to make for where the buried gem was, and see if we can access it via dimension door. On our way, Getheday gets a sending from Jia-Noth, his higher-up.

Gethedar, Kyras, Varya, and Marcello decide to dimension door down, and I’m left to mind the two soldiers and Stetha. I promptly get Stetha started digging (to keep her busy, as opposed to expecting her to do anything productive), and settle in. Turns out, not for long.

Only a few minutes later, my four compatriots return. Apparently, after dimension-dooring in, they were promptly ambushed by two 4-armed apes, which they dispatched. This was followed by a roper, which they also dispatched. However, there was also another very… very formidable ape-thing there as well, and they… did not do so well against it. We cast what healing magics we can, then decide to head back to the caravan to rest, recuperate, and reassess how we will engage this creature the second time. On our way to the caravan, we are intercepted by a serpentfolk soldier who warns us that the Red Mantis Caravan has not yet been subjugated by Tiira’s forces. We thank him for the un-needed warning, leave Stetha, Sak-Kwig, and Nyalik-Cheytab outside the camp, and make our way in.

The guards seem jumpy, and after having checked us over for disease, we make our way to Chivane’s tent to give her a report of our findings thus far.


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