Conscientious Objectors

Brief Excerpts from Akara-Jetzii's Travelogue

Well. Wouldn’t you know the human female managed to convince the half-demon to marry her. Unfortunately it didn’t put an end to their revolting flirtations and behaviours.

Also Kari-Krex and Yssith-Attil managed to get us in a passel of trouble. Luckily Kol was able to get around with the judicious application of some money and smooth talking. I suppose the man is worth his salt, even if he is a bit puffed up about his own importance. Yssith is alive again though.

We managed to make it to the Lake of Vanished Armies. This trip is beginning to melt into a series of warm, muggy, deliciously buggy series of walks. The sidetrips are what seem to get us.
We were rather interested in the “treasure” at the bottom of the lake, so we managed to trade pineapples for some canoes, and paddled out to fish this “treasure” up.

I have decided I am not fond of swimming. I’m not bad at it, and it’s not the activity itself that bothers me, but it seems bad situations arise rather frequently underwater. After nearly destroying what appeared to be the habitat of some large (very large) underwater Thing (after luring it off), we managed to haul a Very Large trunk up to the canoe, and head back to shore.

I certainly hope there is something worthwhile in that trunk.


tbug Emmac

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