Conscientious Objectors

Drago is dead... all hail Drago.

Depending on the events of the next few days, this is either from Yssith’s journal written about a weeks from now or a “Speak with Dead” questioning.

Our plan was set, we were prepared, and then we made contact with degenerates…

I was able to find and disable all of Drago’s wards and traps which somewhat limited our timeline. After we met up, a few of the others teleported to Katapesh to pick up supplies. Reethna has certainly taken to his new position in the military, he has laid out detailed plans for troop deployments throughout the city. The plans might be useful if we survive until the end of the week… so probably not.

With everyone back, we made our way to Drago’s house, preparing ourselves as we reached it. Bo-oh was waiting outside, so Reethna told him that he was reassigned to the Het-Kiril’s squad… which was then relayed to Drago. Plan A gone. Ss-Sss and Gar were also inside (all three of his guards, just our luck) so Reethna reassigned them as well and we headed in. Who knew that this military thing would actually come in handy.

Reethna, still abusing his new rank, walked into Drago’s study to discuss details of his new deployment plan. Drago was nowhere to be found (invisible somewhere), but at least we knew that he was fairly close. Knowing how dangerous he could be, I had prepared for this and was able to detect him in the rafters of his study, that was all we needed. I walked in, and started the first step in a fight that will take days and likely some of our lives by the end.

This time we were lucky. His utter arrogance, or madness, was the only thing that stopped him from killing us or getting word to the others. I’m reluctant to tell the others how close every spell I sent at him was to failing, even while I was pushing myself to the limits of my abilities. I don’t know if I can keep this up, but there are no other options.

Now I just have to pretend to be Drago, through his reports, for the next few days. What could possibly go wrong.


tbug Grifta

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