Conscientious Objectors

End of a Reign

Aware that Izmiara was going to be a challenging opponent, Reethna-Onatee time some time to prepare for what he hoped would be his final conflict within the Moonscar. Anselar helped out by casting some spells on him.

While this was happening, Aremcesca attempted to confront Izmiara. Unfortunately it only took one hit from the Insatiable Queen to slay the human.

Lena-Karik, meanwhile, decided to try her hand at seducing the succubus queen. She started by removing her boots and tossing them to Arael, and managed to keep the queen’s full attention while doing so.

This worked until Izmiara saw that Coraline was trying to sneak away with the magic mirror. With one strike, the previously-uninjured Coraline was slain.

Reethna-Onatee was finally ready to wade into combat with her, and they traded blows without either of them significantly harming the other. Arael managed to teleport out, find Maurinaxian, and teleport back in. This attracted Izmiara’s attention, and, sadly, it wasn’t long before the huge gold dragon lay dead at her feet.

By this time, though, Reethna-Onatee and Lena-Karik were ready. Between them they slew the Insatiable Queen, ending her twelve-thousand-year reign in the Moonscar and freeing many prisoners in the process. There were sufficient scrolls of raise dead that all the allies were again united.

It didn’t take long for for Iomedae’s herald, the Hand of the Inheritor, to project himself into their midst. He congratulated Reethna-Onatee on the completion of such a mythic trial and offered his mistress’s power to any of the heroes who would swear allegiance to her. Lena-Karik was the first to accept, followed by Maurinaxian, Arael, and Aremcesca.


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