Conscientious Objectors

Less Stink Than Anticipated

The stinking door was locked and made of cold iron. While bashing it damaged the hinges, it proved not to yield easily. A magical voice came from beyond the door asking to be left alone, and Lena-Karik negotiated with her. The group would return in an hour, at which point the person on the other side of the door (Betcezia) would converse with her.

Descending to the next level proved costly, as a disjunction trap got rid of all of Reethna-Onatee’s currently-cast spells. Fortunately his gear, including Folba-Onatee, all survived the experience. The rest of the group teleported down, then went down a hall and opened a door. Behind it was a symbol of death, which had no effect on anyone.

The other hall, however, had three large prison rooms containing dozens of prisoners. Lena-Karik was able to see that three of the prisoners were actually huge demons in disguise. The group killed one, drove off two more, and killed the human guard.

All that remained was taking on the Insatiable Queen herself. The group advanced toward her boudoir.


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