Conscientious Objectors

Meeting Chinchilla On the Moon

Reethna-Onatee’s quest to eliminate the demonic threat pressed onward. A large, black tower loomed on the horizon, and its guardian moonbeasts looked even more ferocious than similar creatures back on Golarion, possibly because they were in their native environment. Fortunately, Reethna-Onatee had brought Lena-Karik along, and she made short work of them.

The tower turned out to contain what appeared to be a large gathering of very relaxed worshippers of Shelyn enjoying art, beauty, alcohol, and each other’s company. Chinchilla was among them, much to Lena-Karik’s delight.

Mayor Arvanxi found a pool of hot, swirling water containing several partiers, and used her dust of dryness to empty it. As Lena-Karik had immediately seen and told Reethna-Onatee, about half the people at the party were actually alu-demons. This surprised all of the humans, and two of them were almost instantly subjected to their mind-influencing magic. Mayor Arvanxi was forced to restore the pool while Lord Dioso gave up her polearm and began to doff her armour.

While the fight ensued, Anselar was flying around outside mostly ignoring it so that he could vandalize the tower. A couple of demons attacked him, but not enough to make an event of it. For the most part Reethna-Onatee and Lena-Karik (and Mayor Arvanxi, once the compulsion was ended) made short work of them.

Some scouting ahead revealed that the purpose of the tower was to spy on Golarion, though Anselar had made a bit of a mess of that. Reethna-Onatee pondered destroying the tower completely in order to hamper the spying, but took no precipitate action.

A quick look behind the tower revealed a tunnel heading straight down. Mayor Arvanxi scouted ahead, but was doused in acid and had to make a quick retreat back to the surface.



Guest PCs:

Anselar Harth
Aremcesca Dioso
Coraline Arvanxi


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