Conscientious Objectors

My kind of promotion

As I clamber out of the ruins of the tower, I see… no chimeras. At all. What I do see, is the serpentfolk brigade led by my sister engaging Stetha in a discussion of some sort. Which I cannot hear. Because I am still deaf. I hope that Stetha isn’t about to get us all killed before I can get within range to talk telepathically with my sister. I get to shore and in range of my sister, without her platoon killing me or my party. So far so good.

I tell my sister as much about our quest as I think prudent, and without lying because she would know. She always knows. I mention that we’re looking for a way into Ilmuria. She thinks this is a splendid idea, and grants us the help of three of her troop to help. And that we should meet in three days at the serpentfolk island to compare notes. Where she will likely meet Issilar. Who may reveal more about our plans than I’m comfortable revealing to my sister. Excellent. This looks like just a splendid day.

Oh, and my sister wants me to kill her lieutenant Ku-Ish who she’s sent with us, and to make it look like an accident in front of the other two observers she’s sent with us. Apparently Ku-Ish has it in for my sister and, by extension, me. While I have no problem killing the good lieutenant, the “make it look like an accident” thing is a little bit tricky.

Before we leave, we search the chimera tower (and find a bit of treasure), before setting out to the next possible location to find a gem.

Before long, we do locate one. Approximately 100 feet down. We start Stetha digging (more to keep her busy), while the rest of us search around for a tunnel or secret entrance. Finding none, we choose to set out for the Chara-uka district and try our luck there. We try our luck with a Locate Object attempt before finding a glowing cave.

Now, I have yet to come across a glowing cave that is not ominous in some way, but this looks like a splendid place to send certain lieutenants to their “accidental” deaths. We stride in to find… a gargantuan webbed undead crocodile thing. And four webbed undead boggards. Also, a large spider.

What a terrible idea.

Stetha is very quickly incapacitated, as is the good lieutenant (hurray) and one of the observers (oh dear). We dispatch the undead crocodile and the boggards, and get to work on the spider. The spider that can teleport.

What a tiresome skill. It may just be me, but it would seem as though all our foes are capable of this. Thankfully, the spider is not the most tactically-minded creature, and we are able to re-engage and kill it. When the dust settles, Stetha is unconscious, as is the lieutenant and one of the observers. However, awkwardly enough, the second observer is quite conscious. Which makes killing the lieutenant somewhat… tricky….


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