Conscientious Objectors

No more running...

maybe some praying, but definitely no running...

I feel like all of my days are not series of good and bad news. Good news: I got out of the army again, bad news: the entire army is hunting me. Good news: the other guys were able to kill Belkor and free Eando Kline, bad news: Vyr-Azul thinks that I did that… and so on.

At least we’ve riled up the Morlocks and Vampires, giving them a fighting chance, even if we don’t have one. As long as Eando Kline keeps up his end of the bargain, their armies will be on the move immediately. Reethna sent what forces he could off to the west so that the allied army can get through his recently built fortification without trouble. Although, I honestly don’t know if they will make it very far unless we, sigh, cut the head off this serpent. Of course evil serpentfolk seem to have a good track record of surviving decapitations… 2 for 3 as far as we know.

After the army was set in motion, we went to Het’s sister to retrieve the sword that was left with her. Along the way Gethadar diplomatically (Het’s kind of diplomatically) ensured that Airesh would not be reporting our movements to Vyr-Azul. That done, after a disturbing tactical debate with Big, we teleported to Drago’s old laboratory to prepare. From all the commotion in the area, it was clear that the allied army was doing it’s job, pulling dozens of troops from the temple. Not much more to say. We burned through thousands of gold in scrolls (hopefully enough), teleported directly to the Emporer of Scales and got to work.

It was a short, brutal fight, but he finally fell. We weren’t able to bring him down before he alerted half… maybe the entire temple. Even if he didn’t, Raviaza teleported in and then out again, which probably means that anyone who didn’t know that we were here now does.


tbug Grifta

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