Conscientious Objectors

Not Another Snake-Bug-Elf!

Adult gold dragons are really big. There was basically no comfortable way for Maurinaxian to accompany the party onward, so she went up to the surface of the moon to fly around and dispatch any demons who might try to harass the freed prisoners. This freed up Aremcesca to return to the group.

The spellcasters combined their efforts to suppress the magic on the locks of the suspended cages, allowing Mayor Arvanxi to pick them. This freed the last of the prisoners on the level, so the group descended the hole to the next.

A maze of twisty passages awaited them nearly two hundred feet below. They found fifteen statues of a succubus scattered around, and one of the humans touched one and was injured. Soon afterward another human touched a different statue, and was also injured. Reethna-Onatee got firm with them and told them not to touch any more statues. In the process they also found the two dead demons who had washed down the drain from the floor above. Eventually they found some stairs, descended them into a vrock ambush, slew the vrocks, and found another long tube downward.

Things were going fairly well for the group, so down they went. They almost immediately met a demon of the same type as Snake-Bug-Elf. Coraline got into combat and was immediately rendered unconscious. Reethna-Onatee held off the demon while rescue operations were underway, but he was unable to damage her. Anselar struck her with a single enervation, but other than that she was unharmed.

A general retreat was sounded, and two scrolls of interplanetary teleport got the group back to Westcrown.


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