Conscientious Objectors

Sometimes I just have a good day

I learn of this after the fact, but apparently Marcello wakes up and has a bit of a chat with the boggards. Which we receive word of, via Whispering Winds. However, what was neglected in that dispatch was that he had been given a platoon of boggard troops to go kill the rest of the humans. When I heard that, I’ll admit I was a little bit jealous. Up until he mentioned that when he arrived in the human district, he found most of the humans dead or dying. From the bubonic plague.

Meanwhile in the spider… thing… cave… we manage to wake Stetha, and find the gem we’re looking for. Also, a staff of Evocation. Not a bad day. We didn’t manage to kill the lieutenant (still one witness alive and conscious), but I dole out what healing I can (neglecting the lieutenant, of course), we rig up a travois for the lieutenant and corporal, then head off to find Marcello.

Through vegepygmy territory. Crud.

We are ambushed by a squad of them, and rather then decide to see if vegepygmies are as dangerous as we’ve heard, Kyras fireballs them with his new toy, killing most. We very quickly dispatch the rest, and make haste from there…

… Into a second ambush of two vegepygmy squads. It’s chaos, with spores and fire everywhere (Kyras again kills most of a squad with a fireball). During the chaos, Varya manages to shoot Gethedar, and he falls over. She claims it was an accident, but I’m not so sure. Regardless, we kill the rest of the vegepygmies, and make haste to the edge of vegepygmy territory. We veil ourselves as troglodytes, disguise the others as best we can, and get within dimension door territory. That territory just so happens to be in some covered bridge infested with tentacle beasts. As we ferry everyone to safety, I take the chance to stab the good lieutenant to death, and leave his body for the beasts.

Finally we rendezvous with Marcello and there is healing aplenty. I will admit I missed him. His healing, anyhow. We rest a little bit, try curing some bubonic plague, try questioning a cured human (a somewhat pointless exercise on two fronts, I might add), and then we finally decide that our next action should be the megapiranha cave. Again.

What could go wrong this time?


tbug TearsSustainMe

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