Conscientious Objectors

The Death of Marcello Vicolla

Excerpt from the final page of a journal found by Initiate Pavo Baradin while cleaning the caretaker’s cottage — Neth 30, 4710

Life takes many strange turns. As I write this, I sit here in the humble cottage that was my home while I lived among the humans as Marcello Vicolla. I lived here, acting as caretaker for the temple and worshipping Iomadae in my own way for almost an entire human lifetime and yet, I have had more wonderful, spiritual, and awe-inspiring experiences since I left then I ever had listening to the head priest’s sermons. For most of my life, I have felt lost, but somewhere in the dark depths of Ilmurea, the holy light of Iomadae shone upon me and showed me the way once and for all. I know now that Marcello Vicolla was a lie. A well intentioned lie, perhaps, but a lie nonetheless and I cannot be true to Iomadae without being true to myself. To say the head priest and my brothers and sisters in the temple were surprised to see my true form would be an understatement, but when they saw the power of Iomadae flowing though me, they welcomed me without reservation.

Soon I will leave to fight at Iomadae’s side against the forces of evil, but if it is Her will that I survive, I know now that my purpose in life is to continue to travel the world for as long as I am able, bringing Her light and Her sword to all the dark places. Perhaps my companions and I are not the only serpentfolk to reject our species’ evil ways. It is my duty find my serpent brothers and sisters and show them that they are not alone in believing in a better way. If they choose not to listen, well perhaps Fulba Onatee will have a short but meaningful conversation with them. He can be quite convincing.

No matter what the future may bring, one thing is certain: Marcello Vicolla is dead, now there is only Reethna Onatee, Serpentfolk and Cleric of Iomadae.


Whoa, that was actually moving. That’s such a fitting epilogue to his journey. Thank-you for posting this.

The Death of Marcello Vicolla
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