Conscientious Objectors

The Moon!?

Reethna-Onatee knelt before Iomadae as she gave him his next mission: return to Golarion and investigate the means by which demons on the moon were abducting people, and put a stop to it. She left him a whisper of the mythic power she had granted him while they fought evil ascendant deities together, and directed him to Korvosa to seek out Lord Anselar Rosala, a descendant of one of Aroden’s angels.

Lena-Karik learned that Chinchilla had abandoned his pregnant girlfriend and run off with another woman. She quickly realized that he had been subjected to some sort of mind control, and was surprised to encounter Reethna-Onatee while she was on the trail. Together they sought out Lord Rosala and his companions (Lord Mayor Arvanxi of Westcrown and Lord Aremcesca Dioso), and set out on their search.

Eventually they found themselves on the Growling Skald, an active volcano in the Mindspin Mountains. There were ancient Azlanti ruins, which they explored, and a squad of fire giants, which they fought. Aremcesca was killed, but Folba-Onatee was able to bring her back from the dead. One of the fire giants, Zatzka, surrendered; Lena-Karik christened him “Frosty”.


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