Conscientious Objectors

Very belated postlude

I kept forgetting I hadn't posted this

Lunge. Parry. Riposte.

Gethedar allowed his mind to wander as he completed his morning drills. He felt a surge of pride as he noted his form had improved, but tempered it with a reminder that he still had much room for improvement. Refocusing, he moved to the next kata, holding in his mind the goal: divinity.

The divine had always been merely a concept until the events of the previous year. Duelling with Ydersius, being awed by the presence of Iomedae, and the subsequent battle with the three other re-emerging deities had taught him a great deal about the raw essence of the divine, and the pursuit of the pure infusion of meta-physical power had taken him to the current leg of his journey.

He stopped a moment at the window and took in the sight of the bustling city of Axis. Taking a deep breath, he sighed, turning back to the calm of the dojo and beginning again.

Lunge. Parry. Riposte.


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