Conscientious Objectors

What I could have become

Depending on the events of the next few days, this is either from Yssith’s journal written about a weeks from now or a “Speak with Dead” questioning.

Ahktar-Drago… of course he was on the list.

My comrades all gathered information during our last shift and some of them gathered helpful supplies. I gathered some extra colour and greater disdain for Drago.

It seems that the Serpentfolk arrived and displaced the Orvian vampires and the Morlocks. Both now hate the occupying Serpentfolk, and would be willing to forge a temporary alliance to kick them out. This coupled with the knowledge that the ancient Serpentfolk that we ordered assassinated has been dealt, makes our situation look marginally better.

One of the supplies that Lena-Karik was able to gather was a Scroll of Miracle which Reethna-Onatee cast as soon as we made it to a safe place. It seemed to do nothing but give him a new outlook on life… at first. When he pulled out his sword to defend several degenerates from a giant spider, the sword started giving him battle tactics. Most of these tactics apparently involved killing Serpentfolk, but I guess that gods will do what they will.

After killing the spiders (another showed up), the sword opened up with a torrent of information. A Serpentfolk hating sword in the North West, ways to stop Ydersius from rising, and the list . 5 people who we would have to kill, and 5 people who would defend them. Most of the names we’ve known for some time, some we’ve assumed… but Ahktar-Drago… of course he was on the list. Hell, he’s probably been there longer than any of the others.

While we processed all of this information, we took two degenerates (injured by the spiders) to be healed at the temple. This also provided the opportunity to see the inside of the temple in case we needed to get in or out quickly at a later time.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to kill a person that I’ve know since birth, the homunculus that raised me, and stop either of them from alerting anyone else. On the bright side, I’m not on the list… and I am going to make damn sure that I never am.


tbug Grifta

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