Conscientious Objectors

Why Yes, This Is Indeed the Moon

One of the (many) problems in a journey alongside humans is their fragility. The particular humans accompanying Reethna-Onatee and Lena-Karik needed food and sleep already, and it had barely been any time at all. One of them had even died from hardly any fire giants chopping at her with their greatswords, so clearly their weakness was unfeigned. The humans invited Reethna-Onatee and Lena-Karick back to their home in Westcrown (by which they meant that they needed the serpentfolk to teleport them there), and while there the group picked up some supplies specific to their mission.

They were waiting near the Somal Gate by sundown the next day, at which point it filled with purple energy. Leaping through, they found themselves on the moon. They were almost immediately ambushed, but quickly dispatched all but a single demon (who teleported away). They took some time to examine their surroundings, and realized that they were in the Moonscar, an abyssal jungle growing across the southern hemisphere of the moon.

Someone had obviously been taking care to clear away the undergrowth and provide a path from the gate to somewhere else, so the group set out to find where the trail led. Before long they ran into a jotund troll who called himself the Trailblazer. He used his massive scythe to get rid of the rapidly-growing jungle, and was about to attack the group when Coraline (one of the humans) convinced him that they were supposed to be there. They pressed onward rather than linger near him.

Skirting around a lake, they saw the albino eye of a froghemoth poking above the water. The humans had never seen one, but Reethna-Onatee and Lena-Karik were able to describe it to them. Taking care not to wake it, they crept onward into the jungle on the far side of the water.

A couple miles past that they discovered an altar with embedded shackles. They debated the appropriate response, and decided that the best action was no action at all. Leaving it undisturbed, they pressed on toward the black tower at the top of the nearby hill.

The tower had no visible windows and apparently only one door. It was guarded by three moon beasts. Uncertain how to proceed, the group begain discussing tactics:



Guest PCs:

Anselar Harth
Aremcesca Dioso
Coraline Arvanxi


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