Conscientious Objectors

Ydersius, God of *most* Serpentfolk

from the journal of Gethedar:

Sunday, Neth 21:

And it was going so well.

My defences had held against the forbiddance as we breached the inner sanctum. The guards placed at the doors were no match for Reethna-Onatee and I, even before Lena-Karik began raining death upon them. Yssith-Atil had flawlessly countered the Blade Barrier with a Stone Wall ramp, allowing Reethna to take out Sozothala. It had almost felt too easy.

Then the Earthquake began.

Reethna and I foud ourselves cut off from our companions as they were buried by the falling rubble, only their telepathic voices could reach us over the cacophony, letting us know that they had survived. Yssith could not reach us, due to the Anti-Magic Field… I knew the situation must be dire if he was willing to sacrifice his magic for this. The field turned out to be short-lived, as Yssith was overcome. According to the spotty reports we managed to exchange while fighting for our lives, Yssith-Atil had boldly sacrificed his life to protect Het-Kiril and Lena-Karik, only to be taken over by an intellect devourer. While I questioned the tactical soundness of Het focussing on freeing Yssith’s body from the creature, I cannot truly fault her, for having to face the idea of allowing such a creature to inhabit the once-great mind of a friend is unthinkable, and some things are more important than tactics. With that situation resolved I can only hope we see our Draconic friend soon; for within the Sanctum the fighting has been fierce.

Vyr-Azul and his inner circle have been throwing everything they can at us. If not for the innate defences of our kind, I believe we would have long since perished. As it is, we managed to hold them at bay for some time, slaying Vyr-Azul’s pet serpent. When Lena appeared, I thought that she could tip the scales back in our favour, but she only beat Ydersius, god of all Serpentfolk to the Sancutm by a matter of moments. Vyr-Azul unleashed some sort of electrical storm, badly wounding Reethna and I, and stunning us with the force of the blast. While we were reeling from the force of it, Vyr-Azul swept up Fulba-Onatee. We had a moment of hope when we all prayed that Fulba would overcome Vyr-Azul, but in that clash of minds, our foe prevailed, casting the sword into the pit to disappear into darkness.

Yet not all hope is lost. The mantis has arrived, as have some very odd inter-planer travellers. As well, a snake-like guardian golem seems to be malfunctioning and has deemed Ydersius an intruder (an opinion I share with it). As I lie here on the edge on conciousness, I regret my lack of piety, for it seems a good time to take up prayer.


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