male urdefhan (aka Orvian vampire)


Once a general in the urdefhan military and a close friend of the urdefhan leader Izon, Belkor grew jealous of Izon’s continued success. When he realized a coup would never be successful against the half-fiend cleric, Belkor defected to his people’s greatest enemies, the serpentfolk, offering them information about the urdefhans’ troop strengths and strategy. As Vyr-Azul’s ritual reaches its conclusion, however, the serpentfolk have put their own plans for war against the urdefhans temporarily on hold, and left Belkor cooling his heels in the fortress and playing at being an honoured guest.

Sskhavo didn’t fully trust Belkor, however, so assigned two degenerate serpentfolk as an “honour guard” to escort the urdefhan around the fortress.

Belkor was killed by Gethedar and his body teleported to Katapesh without anyone knowing.


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