Gelik Aberwhinge


male gnome Pathfinder


Gelik was a spry, energetic gnome with blond hair and a neat goatee. He dressed like a noble at all times (“If you can’t take the time to dress properly, no one will take what you have to say seriously—and they’d be right not to!”). With liberal use of prestidigitation, his fine clothes always seemed freshly cleaned. Only the ink stains on his fingers broke the illusion of a proper gnome nobleman (“If you don’t have ink stains on your fingers, no one will take your writing seriously—and they’d be right not to!”).

Gelik was quick-witted and a talented speaker. Unfortunately, he was a mean streak when it came to the misfortunes of others—he often simply couldn’t help himself from making a snide comment or a scathing remark at another’s expense.

Gelik went missing while exploring the ruins, and his body was later found stripped of all his possessions.

Gelik Aberwhinge

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