Age 127

Background traits: Reactionary, Scholar of Ruins


Gethedar was born in the dungeons beneath Kaer Maga late in the forty-sixth century, Absolom Reckoning. He and his litter-mates crawled around in the dark, subsisting off whatever creatures they could catch or that their parents fed them. Before too long, Gethedar began to realize that he was a lot smarter than the rest of his family, and one day he used a newfound spell-like ability to clumsily add himself to a part of explorers that had stumbled into the section where he and his family lived.

Though they were suspicious of him, he managed to convince them to let him accompany them back to the city. Once there, he couldn’t believe the variety of smells, sights, voices, and—most of all—people. He spent over ten years just learning about humans and related races, and getting a feel for how society interacted. Eventually, however, he wanted to join a family himself. Taking the role of a young half-orc, he began his campaign to weasel himself into getting adopted. Through persistance, patience, and not a little mind control, he was.

His life in Kaer Maga involved a lot of hard lessons, and his adoptive family was by no means perfect, but Gethedar was happy and loved. When the time came for him to move out, he was older than usual by half-orc standards but still not biologically an adult as a serpentfolk. His first travels outside the city didn’t go well, and more than once he had to simply use his magic to coerce people into doing what he needed them to do. Things went well for over fifteen years, but eventually civil war broke out in Molthune, and Gethedar fled the ensuing chaos.

Gethedar retired his half-orc persona and started over as a young human. He “grew up” in Korvosa, but eventually the lure of Kaer Maga was too strong and he moved back to his hometown. As one of the many resident archeologists Gethedar has enjoyed fostering his reputation and making a name for himself.

His fame made him easy to track, however, and when he got drafted he barely had time to start to flee when he was caught.


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