Traits: Skeptic, Anatomist


Het-Kiril learned at a very early age that she seemed to be quite a bit smarter, faster, and stronger than her fellow serpentfolk brethren. This, of course, meant but one thing: that she was the next evolutionary step. Some sort of faster, stronger, more intelligent serpentfolk… almost like she were one step closer to… a dragon! Sadly, her insistence that she was superior to her ilk was not well received and she spent some time being re-educated by other serpentfolk similar to her in ability and capacity. She was always curious as to why some of them referred to her as the “delusional megalomanic”. But it sounded impressive.

Soon after, she set off from her homeland near Molthune for bigger and better things. That those things happened to be in the opposite direction from those she was having some differences of opinion with was incidental, of course. Though she held fast to her beliefs, she now understood the necessity of keeping her beliefs to herself to some degree. However, keeping these beliefs to herself was difficult and trying. She was conflicted, tortured, and needed an outlet.
Which is why, arriving in Magnimmar, to channel the pain from the suffering that comes with knowing the true truth of her serpent brethren into a creative force, she became a poet. During the day. At night, she worked as a mercenary guard. Because her poetry was surprisingly unpopular. And thus, not very lucrative.


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