Javier Dugal

Javier Dugal - Minor persona of Yissith


Javier, the third son of a fictitious minor nobleman, insinuated himself into Katheer’s premier magic academy for financially gifted youth nearly 20 years ago. The academy was little more than an expensive day-care run by hedge wizards with more business sense than magical ability, but access to their extensive library was well worth the tuition and inane lectures. By the end of the first year he had already taught himself enough magical theory to breeze through the academy’s programs with respectable marks. So, he used his remaining time there to befriend the local noble’s offspring and establish himself as a gentleman of leisure.

Yssith-Atil spends most of his leisure time as Javier, either returning to the academy’s library as a decently liked alumni or to one of the pubs frequented by his former class mates.

About a month ago he simply disappeared, but this isn’t entirely out of character. After a few months one or two of his old acquaintances may start asking around, but they will find no trace of him.

Javier Dugal

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