female half-orc


Kadda and her family count among their ancestors a lake of cerebral-spinal fluid that eats brains.

Kadda knows full well that she’s the most competent of her sisters. For some reason, though, everyone always seems to just talk about Zoo! “Zoo is so responsible!” “Zoo takes such good care of her little sisters!” “Zoo is such a faithful worshipper of the pirate goddess!” “Zoo! Zoo! Zoo!”

Kadda loves her sisters (even Zoo), but she’s very ready to start hanging out with a different crowd. She knows that Kara looks up to her, but thinks it would be best to give her a chance to become her own person instead of just following in her footsteps. Kalla is adorable and will likely someday become the greatest of the four sisters, if only people will give her a chance instead of just focusing on Zoo.

Recently, she found herself amongst a strange caravan. She doesn’t know how she got here, but her sisters are with her. She wonders why they are always asking her how she’s feeling…

Play History


December 9: Dale, Patricia
December 23: Tim


January 14: Paul
January 28: Corey
November 30: Jeremy


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