female “pygmy” (halfling)


Kari-krex ran out of her tribe and joined the Big Clumsy People in Kalabuto. She never did quite get the hang of the whole “property ownership” thing. Before she got hired as a runner for the Saventh-Yhi expedition she had a few run-ins with the town guard as a result. She’s well out of there.

Kari-krex is about three feet tall. She has dark skin and tight curly black hair.

Kari-krex had a shiny beetle named Bumbles, who is currently MIA.


Nibodo-Lumbe is a bit of a show-off, but her not as good a fighter as she is. He’s sneakier, though.

Kol has absolutely no sense of humour, and it’s fun to tease him. He got her in enough trouble back when he was a cop that it serves him right!

Suwuna screwed up, and it’s her fault that Kari-krex is unemployed. She made some claims of being able to use magic to defeat bandits, but she’s actually useless in a fight.

Combat Quick Reference

Kari-Krex likes raging. She can rage for 11 rounds per day (see stats at bottom of previous page). Once her rage is up, she becomes fatigued. Her stats return to normal, though she gains -2 to strength and dexterity until she rests for 8 hours.

While raging, she gains a couple of additional abilities. She moves 5 feet faster than usual, and once per day she may heal 1d8 + 1 points of damage.

She does not currently own a ranged weapon.

Play History


August 26: Corey
September 10: Tricia
September 24: Tim
October 7: Emilee
November 25: Patricia
December 9: Tim


January 14: Emilee
January 28: Paul
February 17: Corey
March 9: Corey
March 16: Corey
November 30: Tally


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