Kyras Finel

Kyras Finel - Minor persona of Yssith-Atil (Current Primary Persona)


Age: 25

A young adult half-elf favouring human characteristics standing at 5’10" with brown eyes and shoulder length black hair (please ignore the pictured beard). He has some Kelish features (possible 1/4) and has adopted some of the styles of that area. He wears plain, lightly used travelling clothes and uses a black spear as a walking staff.


Kyras arrived in Magnimar by ship three weeks ago and, after securing reasonably priced lodgings, quickly familiarized himself with the local pubs and taverns. He claims to be a half-elf of common birth who grew up in Absalom looking to make it big in Magnimar. It takes him a couple weeks to identify all of the movers and shakers in the city, but more importantly the identity of an old man who frequents one of the local tea shops… Kyras left his room at sunrise and headed to the tea shop to see if what help this old man could provide.

Kyras Finel

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