Dirty Fighter

Improved Unarmed Strike

Simple Weapon Proficency
Martial Weapon Proficency
Light Armour Proficency
Medium Armour Proficiency
Shield Proficency

Special Abilities:
Wild Empathy
Favoured Enemy (Monstrous Humanoid)
Weapon Focus (longbow)
Combat Style: Precise Shot


In 4655 (ie 55 years ago), Lena-Karik was born to two savage serpentfolk, and was the smallest of five in her litter. The other four were all savage, though one of them (Sarteth, the largest of the five) was pretty smart for a savage serpentfolk—not quite as smart as a normal human, say, but a lot better than expected. She and Lena-Karik were close while growing up, and Sarteth called Lena-Karik “Leelee”.

Sarteth protected Lena-Karik from a lot of dangers over the next couple of decades, when brute strength counted for more than having a winning personality, but it eventually became clear that the sisters had very little in common, and by their twenty-fifth birthday they’d gone their separate ways. Lena-Karik met a few other noble serpentfolk and even visited the great ancient serpentfolk city, Sverenagati, but found the hordes of degenerates living in the ruins of once-glorious architecture depressing. She worked her way upward from the underground caverns she’d known all her life, and by the time she was forty-five she’d reached the surface.

While her fellow serpentfolk found satisfaction in simple acts of biting and breaking, Lena-Karik spent her days speculating and learning. Human beings are an utterly odd and diverse species and Lena is fascinated by the inefficiency of them all. Lena-Karik finds emotions very, very funny and has spent years manipulating others for pure challenge and enjoyment.

While she is intelligent, she’s not all that smart and believes the stranger her disguise, the less likely she will be found out. She enjoys starting disguises at the age of 6 until 30 and therefore goes through different personas quite quickly. This whole conscription nonsense is cutting into her play time and she would very much like this issue to be resolved as soon as possible.

Lena-Karik was always precocious, and she loved how easy it was to fool human beings. It was like a dream come true, and she wandered the Overburn (as her people called the surface) convincing folks to give her pretty things and generally being told how wonderful she was. She got in a few scrapes, but always managed to get out intact.

Lena’s love of keeping pets stems from her litter mates always taking her food because she was the smallest. Her sister Sarteth would keep food alive and aside for her. Lena-Karik has associated the act of keeping pets as caring for someone else. She hopes to have enough pets for the day when she cares enough for someone to offer them a pet.

During these travels she ran into Zif-Tarrin several times. The two had first met a decade or so before, and though they didn’t necessarily like each other they usually ended up spending some time together. It helped that Zif-Tarrin often seemed to have a bottle of bloodwine handy, even though that particular commodity is difficult to acquire among humans. She has offered him whittled statues in exchange for the name of his supplier, but he has so far demurred.


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