Marcello Vicola

Main persona of Serpentfolk Reethna-Onatee


STR: 13
DEX: 17
CON: 16
INT: 15
WIS: 16
CHA: 16

HP: 49

Magical Knack
Indomitable faith


No one knew for sure how long Marcello had been living and working around Egorian. In fact, some of the older Clerics and Paladins at at the nearby temple to Iomedae thought they could remember him supplying a kind word or a much needed extra mug of ale after a particularly hard day of apprenticing. But that couldn’t be the same man, could it? No, of course not, he would have to be ancient by now! In any case, Marcello was as much a fixture of the temple as the trees and statues and was given about the same attention. Even if no one was quite sure what his job was, you couldn’t deny his devotion to Iomedae, always praying with the rest of the congregation and attending all of the head priests sermons. If forced to think about it, some of the more observent clerics might notice that he hasn’t been around much lately and vaguely wonder if he was sick or had moved on. Maybe it was something to do with that messenger that arrived a few weeks ago…

Marcello Vicola

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