Fang of Ydersius


male charau-ka cleric [of Ydersius]

hero points: 1


Months ago, Raogru was bitten by a venomous viper. As he lay in a fevered stupor, the snake’s poison coursing through the veins, Raogru had visions of a great headless serpent thrashing across the jungle and crushing everything in its path, with Raogru at its side. Recovering from the effects of the toxin, Raogru soon began preaching the worship of Ydersius to his tribe. Exiled by the demon-worshiping ape-men for his heretical views, Raogru led his followers to the ruins of Tazion, where he soon met the serpentfolk wizard Issilar.

The spiritual leader of the charau-ka in Tazion, Raogru oversees the shrine and performs the tribe’s foul ceremonies in honour of Ydersius, always accompanied by his serpent companion Chu-tok. Raogru wears armour crafted from the skins of giant serpents, and wields a bloody, tar-soaked mace. His yellow eyes are wide and staring, betraying his madness. He immediately attacks if anyone invades his sanctum.


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