True identity of serpentfolk Sharta-Meklesh


Backgrounds – Child of the Streets and Deft Dodger


Sharta-Meklesh discovered fairly quickly that she was a little bit different from the rest of her family. They really liked hunting, eating, gorging, sleeping and throwing things at her. She kept trying to talk to them, which she surmised was why they kept throwing things. There seemed to be a direct correlation between her trying to have a conversation, and them getting frustraded and tossing things at her. At a young age she decided perhaps she should look elsewhere for some good conversation.

She came out from the earth near the town of Riddleport. She quickly learned to disguise herself as one of the soft pink people she later learned were called ‘humans’. She found she got along much better with the hordes of dirty street children than with the hoity toity well dressed ones. The street urchins didn’t seem to mind that she had to learn a lot of language and common sense. She ended up the one caught in many of their theiving games, so she got even MORE things thrown at her. But this time when she got away, she could laugh about it with her friends, so she really didn’t mind so much.

As she got older she decided she wanted to see what other cities were like, so she went out exploring for some 100 years or so. Eventually she got tired of trying to fit in in all these new places, where it just wasn’t quite so OK to steal, so she headed back to the good old Riddleport and created her latest persona of Valyria.

Now that she’s been drafted for the serpentfolk army, she’s decided she REALLY needs to get out of this. She isn’t so great at the whole, fighting thing. And besides, humans are fun. She has friends up here, and would really prefer that they keep on breathing for a good long time, so she’s off trying to get out of this whole…. war thing.


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