Suwuna (female human expert 1, sorcerer [abyssal bloodline] 1): CR 1; Medium humanoid (human); HD 1d8+1+1+1d6+1; hp 12; Init +0; Spd 35 ft.; AC 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10; Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 9; Atk knife -1 melee (1d4-1, 19-20/x2) or claw -1 melee (1d4-1) or knife +0 ranged (1d4-1, 19-20/x2) or ray of frost +0 ranged touch (1d3 cold); Full Atk (same) or 2 claws -1 melee (1d4-1); SA bloodline power (claws 5 rounds/day), cantrips, spells; SQ -; AL N; SV Fort +1, Ref +0, Will +4; Str 9, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 15.

Languages: Ployglot and Taldane

Skills and Feats: Bluff +6, Diplomacy +6, Knowledge (arcana) +3, Linguistics +3, Perception +4, Perform (acting) +6, Spellcraft +3, Use Magic Device +9; Eschew Materials (b), Fleet, Skill Focus (use magic device).

Class skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge (arcana), Linguistics, Perception, Perform (acting), Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device.

Favoured class: Expert (extra hit points)

Claws (Su): At 1st level, you can grow claws as a free action. These claws are treated as natural weapons, allowing you to make two claw attacks as a full attack action using your full base attack bonus. These attacks deal 1d4 points of damage each plus your Strength modifier. At 5th level, these claws are considered magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming DR. At 7th level, the damage increases by one step to 1d6 points of damage. At 11th level, these claws become flaming weapons, each dealing an additional 1d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit. You can use your claws for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Spells Known: cantrips (DC 12) – mage hand, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic; 1st-level (DC 13, 5/day) – magic weapon, summon monster i.

Equipment: Knife, belt pouch, 56 gp, 192 sp, wand of magic missile (37 charges), masterwork coral wedding ring, ornate darkwood box, whittled wooden heart engraved with “Suwuna + Nibodo, Toilday the 5th of Rova”.

Experience: 1925


Suwuna is determined to get better at using her magic. She knows people think she’s lying about her wand, but she’ll show them!

♥ Just Married ♥ ← on tent and carved on back of Nibodo’s armour


Nibodo-Lumbe is kind of hot. He’s part demon, or something. He is 6’8" tall. Suwuna wants to ravish him, and wants everyone else to stay away. We are now married! But he has other wives. They must die. At long last, Nibodo-Lumbe is now Mrs. Suwuna.

Kari-krex thinks she’s so smart, but really she’s just cute so people cut her too much slack.

Kol thinks he’s the best person ever, just because he used to be a cop. Someday she’ll show him that magic-users are way better than cops!

Play History


August 26: Corey
September 10: Emilee
September 24: Megan
October 7: Patricia
November 25: Corey


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