Main persona of Serpentfolk Sharta-Meklesh


Valyria arrived on the streets of Riddleport some 10 years ago and quickly decided that this was the place for her. She made herself known to the thieve’s guild quickly and began her new ‘career’ as a part time thief. A very friendly attitude and extreme respect for the territory of other thieves has earned her a great number of friends. She is fairly well known at this time, if not as one of the best thieves (because she most certainly isn’t) but as a good friend and suprisingly trustworthy thief.

A few weeks ago she sold all of her belongings to buy herself some ‘adventuring gear’ with the help of her more experienced thief friends. Once deemed ‘properly equipped’ she left the city and has not been heard from since. She hopes that her old friends all enjoy the use of her things and property once they steal them from those she sold it too.


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