Variations Calando

major persona of Lena-Karik


Varia was raised by the wandering people of the Western Heartlands. The eclectic group of nomads assumed this strange, tall, fair-haired child who looked like no one in the tribe was the relative of someone in the group, but never quite cared enough to figure out whose, thus she was taught a little of everything by everyone.

Travelling in caravans from settlement to settlement, Varia learned the art of manoeuvring the world’s stage by smooth-talking her way in and out of situations because she never had to stay long enough to deal with the consequences.

Her makeshift family educated her in various sorts of talents and she has a habit of spontaneous performance as a distraction while she picks the pocket of the closest creature with distinguishable pockets. In her spare time, Varia enjoys whittling wood into tiny animals. She finds the weight of the item a good substitute for a decent pouch of gold.

Variations Calando

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