Victor Safin

Victor Safin - Major persona of Yssith-Atil


Victor arrived in Qadira, the westernmost satrap of the Padishah of Kelesh, over 50 years ago as a travelling merchant. After several years establishing trading connections between Qadira and the surrounding satraps he bought an alchemy shop in Katheer which doubled as the headquarters of his small trading company, Safin Supplies. He remained quite social with the caravan leaders until about 20 years ago when he seemed to spend most of his time at home.

About a month ago he sold his shop and Safin Supplies to a noble’s son who was convinced, by his good friend Javier, that “The proprietor of a trading company” would be a superbly respectable title to hold. Victor then packed up his remaining belongings and set off to see what wonders the world had to offer him, telling his associates that he would make Arcadia his first stop.

Victor never made it to Arcadia. By all accounts he disappeared in Totra when the ship stopped to pick up more passengers.

Victor Safin

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