True identity of the serpant folk Yssith-Atil


Age: 212

Magical Knack


Yssith-Atil’s entire spawning was taken from his degenerate mother on the day of his birthing by Ahktar-Drago, one the serpentfolk’s more eccentric alchemists. He believed that the low birthrate of intelligent serpentfolk was some form of genetic flaw which could be remedied by the right combination of mutagens and magical manipulation. His new group of test subjects were perfect to continue his experimentation for several decades… until one of them started asking questions. This wasn’t a huge problem, he could always use more blood samples from intelligent serpentfolk, but now he needed to keep the brat occupied while he performed his experiments.

And so, Yssith came to learn the basics of life from Ahktar’s homunculus. He received a thorough, if uninspired, education for the next 50 odd years in everything from geography to alchemical theory. After few decades of helping Ahktar with his hopelessly fruitless experiments, Yssith became uninterested Ahktar’s obsession which seemed to be shared by the rest of his race. So, he set off on his own to find a place with the land’s shorter lived, and abundant, races.

He spent another few decades moving from place to place and slipping from persona to persona until he decided to settle down for a time. After collecting enough wealth, he chose to live as Victor Safin, a trader, in Qadira. Eventually he set up an alchemy shop in Katheer and later adopted Javier Dugal as a recreational persona. He was enjoying the easy life of a human with no worries when the first of the letters arrived. The serpentfolk priesthood had a plan, and they expected every able-bodied member of the species to join them in their great endeavour to blah blah blah. He knew how pointless and time consuming these grandiose plans to save the race could be, and he didn’t want anything to do with it.

Yssith remembered a few rumours of an old serpentfolk in Magnimar who shared his views on these schemes and felt that it might be time to pay him a visit. After selling his shop, Yssith sailed to Totra, invented a new identity (Kyras Finel), and then moved onto Magnimar where he started to milk the locals for information. After two weeks he finally tracked down a man who he thinks might be the one he’s looking for.

Future Goals:

  1. Kill Vyr-Azul with the group (skip if not possible)
  2. Seal all entrances to the serpentfolk sleeper’s cavern (or wherever they are)
  3. Relax at the pub / Help Issilar integrate into the world.
  4. Not listed above but, once #2 is done, I would like to offer free teleportation services to any agent of Iomede on church business. So once a day (2-3 Teleports) to/from just about anywhere in the Inner Sea.


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