Conscientious Objectors

Het-Kiril's Journal

Arodus 5.

What a day! Varia, Akara, Marcello, Kyras, and I (in my Brea persona) gathered to meet with our contact Kar-Nitan (in his human guise, of course!) at his home today. We hoped that he could provide us with some insight into our conscription… issues. We had scarcely sat down for tea (where Varia trades some sort of curio for a cookie), when suddenly humans! A number of mercenaries and a spellcaster burst in upon us. Quite rude.

The human spellcaster used some sort of wand on Kar-Nitan, and his disguise dropped for a moment. Thinking quickly, we shout that these ruffians have obviously used a transmogrifying spell to turn Kar-Nitan into a serpentfolk. This has the desired effect of confusing the humans long enough for us to defend Karnatan. The humans attack Kar-Nitan, our party attacks the humans, Kar-Nitan puts his disguise back up, and the sorceror decides to cast a spell that puts one of his men to sleep. I am unclear on the tactical nature of this ploy, but I decide to dissuade the sorceror from any more mischief.

So I bite him.

Akara heads for the back door, and discovers more human mercenaries have begun burning the houses of the neighbours. Apparently humans are quite terrified of being bitten, and the sorceror I have my mouth full with seems to believe quite firmly that I am a vampire. Varia convinces the sorceror that the cure for vampirism involves surrendering his knife. He does so. I simply bite him some more. I believe he remained unconvinced that Varia’s idea would work. Well, up until he died from the blood loss.

There’s still some confusion as several of the mercenaries are still being difficult. During the fracas, Kar-Nitan has run off, Kyras and Marcello are making things difficult for the mercenaries, Akara has gone outside, and I do what I do so well.

I bite another human.

Once I finish with him, there’s not too much left in the way of opposition. One rather brave fellow and one rather terrified fellow. He’s even more terrified after I also bite the sleeping mercenary. And, as we start interrogating him, he’s disturbingly interested in having me bite him and turn him into a vampire. Sometimes I find humans quite strange. All we really find out is that the sorceror (who, before his death, had been known as Jorvak) had hired the mercenaries to track down and apprehend a serpentfolk: Kar-Nitan.

We threaten this human and send him off to find out what he can for us, dispose of the bodies and the lone survivor outside, and confer with Kar-Nitan as to why he had been targeted. Of the many useless reasons he comes up with, he does divulge one possibility: it seems as though he had recently killed a human crime boss. I’m not sure how Kar-Nitan’s actions could have been tracked back to him, given that he had used a different disguise, but humans can be a strangely resourceful race. In the meantime, we agree to look into the attack. The final member of our group, Valyria, finally decides to make an appearance.

As for a plan, we disguise ourselves as Jorvak and the mercenaries, head for upper Magnimmar, and hope for a clue as to who Jorvak’s employers are. Although, we are quite quickly spotted by some suspicious-looking humans (well… more suspicious than usual) who invite us for beer. Apparently they were the other mercenaries who had been attacking Kar-Nitan’s neighbours. We meet with a small, mousy-looking man who asks us how the job went. We tell him that Kar-Nitan is dead, but that he was not an old man as we had been told, but a serpentfolk. The mousy-looking man seems unsurprised, though annoyed that we had not brought back the head of Jorvak’s target. Valyria decided to tail this man back from wherever he had come from to find out more about him. When she returned, she informed us of his identity: apparently, it was a Master Andross of the Valdemar estate.

With this new information, we decide to retire for the night. Valyria decides to test Jorvak’s wand to see what it does. It does not go well, as Valyria’s human disguise goes away and she cannot bring it back. Luckily this occurs away from any humans that might see it, and luckily the effect fades by morning, but still a close call.

We decide to jump Andross when we present him with “Kar-Nitan’s” head in order to extract information from him. As a prop for our ruse, we use Jorvak’s head in a bag. Andross is late. It is a warm day. Jorvak’s head begins to smell.

Andross finally shows up with two guardsmen. We enter an apartment block nearby and, while Valyria and Kyras follow at a distance, Andross leads his guardsmen and the rest of us to an apartment. Andross takes us and one guardsman inside, while the other guardsman remains outside. As Andross is waiting to see the head in the bag, we attack. Valyria and Kyras dispatch the guard outside, and the rest of us kill the guard inside and disable Andross.

We’ll begin our interrogation of Andross in a little while; hopefully it will prove informative.

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