Conscientious Objectors

Recruiting Nkechi

The trip to recruit Nkechi seemed straightforward enough. Chivane’s scout team, having received their instructions, left her behind in Eleder and set out in a pair of rented boats. Research revealed that his home was a cave on a sheer cliff and that the best approach was by water. His two crab companions could be bribed by suitable food, and the team made sure they brought enough along.

Managing to get past the crabs, the team beached the boats and started to figure out how to go up. They spied a nearby conch shell so they gave it a blow. Nkechi heard it, and started shouting at them. After a bit of shouting back and forth they were permitted to climb to his cave for a more civil discussion.

Nkechi revealed that he was a servant of the god Gozreh, deity of the sky and the sea. He listened to their request, then said that he would seek Gozreh’s will by sending them on some quests and examining their successor failure.

The first quest sent them out pearl diving. Judicial preparation and research proved useful, and all would have been over quickly had it not been for an aquatic fey who took an interest. Still, they managed to drive her away and retrieve the pearls.

The second quest required more finesse. They needed to retrieve a feather from the nest of an enormous bird. Magic won the day, and they kept their theft a secret from everyone, including the tribe of humans dedicated to preventing just such an event.

The third quest was a dream journey, and Nkechi passed around an odd concoction that would bring people with him to the spirit world. Yssith-Atil refused the journey, but the others joined Nkechi. Once in the dream realm they sought out an ancient city, but were attacked by a giant snake. They used their spirit animal forms to good advantage and drove it away. As a result Nkechi agreed to join them.

Returning to Eleder, they learned that Andros had succeeded at hiring a team of runners for them. Thus reinforced, they prepared to set out for the first leg of the journey to Tazion.


Akara-Jetzii (monstrous humanoid 5, sorcerer 1)
Lena-Karik (monstrous humanoid 5, ranger 1)
Reethna-Onatee (monstrous humanoid 5)
Sharta-Meklesh (monstrous humanoid 5, rogue 1)
Yssith-Atil (monstrous humanoid 5)

Het-Kiril's Very Secret Excerpt From Her Very Secret Travelogue

… and that’s how he earned the name Drippy.

Anyway, where was I?

Right, so we had tracked Andross to the South Arcadian Whaling Company compound. While some of our company followed the mob and some reconnoitered the compound, the rest of us (spearheaded by myself… again… this is becoming a recurring refrain, I might add) decided to assault the gatehouse. Unfortunately, the door was barred. However, I do try to keep a portable battering ram handy for just such an occasion. While Sharta kept the human mercenaries busy by exchanging fire with them, I finally succeeded in breaking through a window in the gatehouse (where previous attempts to get through the barred door had failed).

Once we entered the gatehouse, we saw that the commotion we’d caused had suggested to the occupants that they move elsewhere. So we managed to get inside without incident. However, exiting into the compound was another matter entirely. Of course the mercenaries were waiting. But, being the mere humans they were (and quite possibly insane, as well, judging from that Umagro fellow’s ranting and carrying on) they were little obstacle to me. And my companions. The first few humans died relatively quickly and easily.

The fellow we saved to the end, however, seemed particularly shaken up. It may have been that he’d seen his compatriots dispatched with such efficacy. Or that seeing Umagro, in a fit of insanity, jump down amongst the mob outside and promptly be torn apart had had some effect. Or, who knows, the mercenaries we had just killed may have been this survivor’s brothers. Sometimes I find it a little hard to tell humans apart. Perhaps that was it. Perhaps this fellow, the eldest brother of a family of children, had tearfully promised his ailing mother on her deathbed that he would look after his soon-to-be orphaned brothers (their father having died a year previous in a terrible millstone accident). Perhaps, upon burying her, the eldest brother had decided that he and his brothers, being of able body, could seek work as sellswords in a city, the work being somewhat lucrative and low-risk. And thus, they had set out sad but still clinging to those warm embers of hope that fortune and a better life were within grasp. And so, the brothers had worked for some time, long trying months but always coming home to one another with their daily wages to break bread together as a family, finding happiness and comfort in the company of what remained of their loving family.

And then, they encountered us.

Well… perhaps I merely let the tragic poet in me get away for a moment. Like I say, I have a hard time telling humans apart, much less identifying members of the same family.

Anyway, upon interrogation of the survivor, we find that they had firebombed our warehouse and taken Andross on the orders of one of the other expeditions. Well, given that the bodies of this fellow’s brothers (or possibly not, I didn’t ask him if they were, in fact, his brothers) still had vials of Alchemist’s Fire upon them, we thought it only right that we should return them to their rightful owners.

So we firebombed the warehouse of the expedition that had hired Umagro and the mercenaries.

After this long day, we reported back to Chivane news of all that had transpired. She mentioned that she knew of someone who might be able to guide our expedition. Some hermit by the name of Nkechi. Who enjoys sea creatures far more than is healthy. And enjoys sending people on strange, curious, usually-fatal quests.


Which reminds me of a funny story involving this baker and this prostitute I once met in Magnimmar…

Excerpt from Akara-Jetzii's Travelogue

Moonday, Arodus 14
Well, for trying to get out of working, we seem to be doing a rather poor job. Who would have guessed draft dodging would be so hard?

After our (mis)adventures in Riddleport, I don’t know why I expected Eledar would be any easier…
At least the teleportation went well. Yarzoth had some idea of us just killing people on any expedition and replacing them. We thought there might be better ways to join an expedition. (In hindsight, I’m not sure that we were right.) Yarzoth didn’t care, and didn’t listen, she just ordered us to meet her at dawn with a plan. She left.

We tried to get Kyras caught up on what had happened in Riddleport, and then decided to use the rest of the day to learn a bit about the city. Since the libraries were close at hand, Kyras and Varia joined me to do a little bit of research.
Sargava seems to be the usual story of humans colonizing each other, with an extra helping of racial unrest. Varia found something she got excited about, but I’m not sure what it was. While in the stacks, I spotted an old acquaintance from Mediogalti. I must have been feeling rather reckless because, despite not knowing this Elven Lady’s name, I went over and struck up a conversation. How awkward! However, I made the best of it, and ended up with an invitation to lunch to discuss what Chivane was doing in Eledar.
Chivane and I discussed Mediogalti, which led to her current business in Eleder, which led to a business proposition. If we joined her expedition to Tazion as the scouts/trailblazers, she’d “take care” of Yarzoth. Personally, I was quite tempted to say yes on the spot, but I thought the whole group should have a say, so I set up a later meeting time for the whole group with Chivane.
All this is quite interesting, but Marcello, Valyria, and Cadmira had been having just as interesting a time, although a little less sedate…

They’d decided to comb the local taverns for information on Tazion and expeditions. When the got to one bar, Marcello and Valyria spotted Andross! Well, as soon as he saw them, he bolted. Cadmira didn’t even catch a glimpse of him, but the moment Marc and Val alerted her, she was off! From all accounts a rather rousing tavern and kitchen chase ensued. I’m sure it was spectacular, but considering the heat here, I’m glad I wasn’t a participant.
When it became clear that Andross had gone to ground, Cad, Val and Marc joined Andross’s companions, and tried to get some information out of them. There wasn’t any more information on Andross, but it turns out that his companions were on an expedition to Tazion. Cadmira promptly landed us an audition to be the advance party for the expedition. This Dargan Etters fellow is all business.

By the time we got the whole group back together and all caught up, it was time for our “audition”. We acquitted ourselves fairly well overall, Valyria managed a very nice escape and lockpicking, and Cadmira managed to lay out an orc. We told Etters we’d get back to him, and headed to our appointment with Chivane.
Chivane dropped some very, very interesting information while we were meeting. First, she knew my mother, and my father. Second, she’s interested in looting a serpentfolk killer’s grave for some sort of weapon-like artifact. Third, she wants to take this artifact back to a priestess on Mediogalti. Since this sounds like the most hindrance to the rise of Ydersius, we opted to work for Chivane. (Not to mention she promised to take care of our Yarzoth problem!)

After all that we were ready to rest, so we headed to the Adventurers Club. When we realized Yarzoth was probably staying there, we decided to head back up to the Sargava club.
As soon as we got to the Sargava club, we spotted the elusive Andross! (Oh, that hat! And the Beard!) Well, we may have gone a little overboard in encouraging him to talk to us, but in the end it all worked out and we hired him to do a bunch of the boring work that Chivane asked us to do. Win win for everyone!

Toilday, Arodus 15

If this morning’s rumours are to be believed, then Chivane definitely carried through on one part of her bargain. Mind you, the rumours were getting quite strange by the end of the day.
We obtained a mule that Varia named Unicorn and I am now in charge of. We tried to learn a bit about the Red Mantis organization, but didn’t get much beyond the fact that a jagged scimitar is their signature weapon.
Not much else happened today.
Finally some peace and quiet!

Wealday, Arodus 16

Just a quick note while my memory is fresh… So far today we have beaten back 6 rabid dogs (which I think were a diversion), while a mob attacked the compound. Thank goodness we were able to head the mob off, although they’ve started some fires.

It appears the mob has kidnapped Andross!

We’ve tracked the mob and Andross to the South Arcadian Whaling Co., which unfortunately seems quite militant. I believe a rescue mission is in order. More later.

Lena-Karik's Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

3 things I’ve learned in the past week or so:
1) Rodents are never trustworthy.
2) Chinchilla is oddly resourceful.
3) The Hairless Weasel Inn is far classier than the Hairy Weasel, but never as classy as the Shaved Weasel.

After three days at sea, we arrived at Riddleport without incident. Marcello finally woke up, but Yssith-Atil went into a food coma so he slept it off while the rest of us guarded Priestess Yarzoth.

Yarzoth arranged two suites at The Hairless Weasel. This is the first reference to a small mammal while in Riddleport. It shall not be our last. The name of the inn reminded me of my human pet back in Magnimar. Our entire boat ride to Riddleport I was thinking about my pet Chinchilla and how I hadn’t said goodbye to him. I know the others deemed him a useless fool, but I thought he had heart and reminded me of my first human pet, Count Quelin the Oblivious. No, I must not dwell on the pains of the past.

Not long after we settled into our suite did I get a message about a visitor. Who would possibly know I was there? Another of Yarzoth’s acquaintances? No, it was my doltish human pet, Chinchilla. He had found out where the gang and I were headed and jumped on a boat before us. When asked what he was doing here instead of staying in Magnimar like I asked, he said he was assembling an army for me. Chinchilla had enlisted the help of his friend in Magnimar, code name Dark Vole, into getting into the council meeting in Chinchilla’s place. He had also already asked a local Riddleportian to help him recruit for my army, and was having a meeting at midnight at the swamp. Say what you will about Chinchilla, but that man is a proactive go-getter.

After Chinchilla left, a pale intimidating woman who introduced herself as Illyona came looking for Yarzoth. I had never seen Yarzoth so flustered before. We were told to drop our disguises and it turns out this woman was Markesh, the assassin hired to kill all those on a certain list…Akara-Jetzii seemed especially startled.

Valyria set up a meeting with her codebreaker contact, Mandria, at sundown. Mandria agreed to mistranslate the text for us and to meet Yarzoth the next morning.

It would soon be midnight and Chinchilla’s deal with this local Riddleportian, who he called Deep Dark Marmoset, concerned Sharta-Meklesh so we decided she should go in her Thuggy persona along with Brea, aka Bitey, to check out this meeting. I would follow in a male persona in case Chinchilla needed his Master to appear, but we thought it best Master stay away until necessary. The rest of our group decided to stay and keep an eye on Yarzoth, who was easing her anxiety from her meeting with Markesh by consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

Bitey dubbed my male persona Slappy and along with her and Thuggy, we went to Chinchilla’s meeting at the swamp. It was easy to find because of the bright torches, and when we arrived, Chinchilla was there with about half a dozen others. Deep Dark Marmoset hadn’t arrived yet. Chinchilla sent two of the guys, Squirrel and Ferret, to see if Deep Dark Marmoset was on her way.

Yeah, they were killed pretty quickly.

We were ambushed by three wererats. Chinchilla and one of the recruits, Ebony Kitten, joined in the fight. It was a struggle at first, and Bitey and Ebony Kitten were wounded, but Bitey did some damage and I imitated a wererat to take weapons.

We brought Ebony Kitten out of the swamp and into an inn. Chinchilla stayed with him and the three of us went back to the Hairless Weasel.

Once again back at the Hairless Weasel we contemplated our lot when one of the assassin’s minions came to give us some information. Turns out there is a price on Brea’s head. Chinchilla’s contact, Deep Dark Marmoset, told the Overlord of Riddleport that someone was starting an army and now the overlord wants us all dead. He was also the one to send the wererats. The minion offered to kill the overlord for us, but be declined. It is good to continue collecting names of ready assassins though.

Valyria told Yarzoth about the meeting with Mandria and Yarzoth gave us the 30 page Aklo text to decipher. It turns out there is a lost city protected by magic which has the key to resurrecting Ydersius. This city, Saventh-Yhi, is said to be accessible through Tazion City. There is a puzzle in Tazion City to open the path to Saventh-Yhi, which is what Yarzoth wanted deciphered.
We took the text to Mandria and she said the information was incomplete and she couldn’t solve the puzzle with what was there.

When we explained to Yarzoth the information she gave us was too fragmented, Yarzoth decided we need to go to Tazion. We don’t know where Tazion is exactly, but we can ask around. We are on our way to Eleder, Capital of Sargava, to find this guy who has been to Tazion and Saventh-Yhi.

Maybe there I’ll find a new human pet. Or maybe a marmot.

Sharta-Meklesh Journal Entry

Lets see here. We had just dispatched this Andross’ fellow’s guards, so we decided it was a good time to start our interrogation. He very quickly realised the dangers of his situation and began trying to negotiate with us. In the end he told us what we wanted, and we said we would let him and all his gold go free. Also there was something about me giving him some letters of introduction, but he got on a boat before I could do that. Oopsies!

So, it turns out that this Lord Valdemar fellow is the one who gave the orders to take out Kar-Nitan and retrieve his head. He is a member of one of the founding families of Magnimar and heavily involved in the city’s politics. He also knew that Kar-Nitan was a serpentfolk. Last week he suddenly developed quite the obsession with our kind. At the same time he also developed a rather severe case of insomnia and an appetite for very different kinds of food than he used too. And all this happened after he disappeared for a day. We decided it was most likely that Lord Valdemar has, in fact, been replaced by one of us. Turns out we were right, he’s just a little bit higher up in the chain of comand than we thought he was. I’ll get there in a bit.

We tell Andross to go to the priests and report Lord Valdemar’s new behaviour pattern. Apparently there is a sect of priests in this city that will go in to ‘bless’ the council meeting and secretly cast spells on a suspect lord. We also gave them Jorvak’s wand to use on him as well. The next council meeting should be quite interesting.

Also, Marcello picked a very inconvenient time to need a digestive nap. Myself and a couple of the others were tasked with finding him a safe place to sleep it off, while the rest of the group went with Andross to the priests, then got him safely on a boat headed for Riddleport. I wonder if we’ll run into him in the city once we get there… Getting ahead of myself again! Right!

After making sure that Marcello was safely tucked away in an inn we all met back up near Kar-Nitan’s. We go meet the super strange human who wanted to be turned into a vampire at the nearby tavern. Two of us talk to him, while the rest of us hang around and laugh. Really, this guy is nutty. We now call him Chinchilla. Those of us who he met he calls Master, Bitey and Thuggy (that’s me!). So Chinchilla found out some stuff, which we generally already knew, so not a whole lot of progress there. He did find out who all the team leaders were for the assault on Kar-Nitan’s though. Jorvak, Marmack and Pran.

We get Chinchilla to take us to Kar-Nitan’s place, where we VERY loudly break in. One of us pretends to be Jorvak, already inside, so we don’t get attacked by the local brutes. It was kind of fun, if a little weird. Turns out someone had already been there and completely ransacked the place. So in general, waste of time. Though I did get a back-up set of tools, so that was pretty cool.

So, we’re getting around the time where we were supposed to meet up with Kar-Nitan, so we head over there, all stealthy like. And well, turns out he totally sold us out. He’s there with Jia-Noph, a serpentfolk cleric, super high up in the whole military thing. Turns out that all of us are on some kind of hit list, so it’s either start helping out, or get murdered by random people somewhere, sometime. Also she’s there in the city with ANOTHER serpentfolk named Marn-Hiroth. Boy, are they gonna be pissed off come next council meeting…

Anyway! We get a mission from Jia-Noph to escourt this priestess Yarzoth over to Riddleport to get some super important codes broken. We all talk about what we’re going to do, and eventually decide to appear to go along with this. We’re going to take her to Riddleport, and to the Code Breakers, but we’re going to try to get them to mistranslate the code in a couple important places. Cause you know, I don’t really want to go to war with all the humans… I like this life. It works for me. And for everyone else too. So sabatoge time! Yay!

Het-Kiril's Journal

Arodus 5.

What a day! Varia, Akara, Marcello, Kyras, and I (in my Brea persona) gathered to meet with our contact Kar-Nitan (in his human guise, of course!) at his home today. We hoped that he could provide us with some insight into our conscription… issues. We had scarcely sat down for tea (where Varia trades some sort of curio for a cookie), when suddenly humans! A number of mercenaries and a spellcaster burst in upon us. Quite rude.

The human spellcaster used some sort of wand on Kar-Nitan, and his disguise dropped for a moment. Thinking quickly, we shout that these ruffians have obviously used a transmogrifying spell to turn Kar-Nitan into a serpentfolk. This has the desired effect of confusing the humans long enough for us to defend Karnatan. The humans attack Kar-Nitan, our party attacks the humans, Kar-Nitan puts his disguise back up, and the sorceror decides to cast a spell that puts one of his men to sleep. I am unclear on the tactical nature of this ploy, but I decide to dissuade the sorceror from any more mischief.

So I bite him.

Akara heads for the back door, and discovers more human mercenaries have begun burning the houses of the neighbours. Apparently humans are quite terrified of being bitten, and the sorceror I have my mouth full with seems to believe quite firmly that I am a vampire. Varia convinces the sorceror that the cure for vampirism involves surrendering his knife. He does so. I simply bite him some more. I believe he remained unconvinced that Varia’s idea would work. Well, up until he died from the blood loss.

There’s still some confusion as several of the mercenaries are still being difficult. During the fracas, Kar-Nitan has run off, Kyras and Marcello are making things difficult for the mercenaries, Akara has gone outside, and I do what I do so well.

I bite another human.

Once I finish with him, there’s not too much left in the way of opposition. One rather brave fellow and one rather terrified fellow. He’s even more terrified after I also bite the sleeping mercenary. And, as we start interrogating him, he’s disturbingly interested in having me bite him and turn him into a vampire. Sometimes I find humans quite strange. All we really find out is that the sorceror (who, before his death, had been known as Jorvak) had hired the mercenaries to track down and apprehend a serpentfolk: Kar-Nitan.

We threaten this human and send him off to find out what he can for us, dispose of the bodies and the lone survivor outside, and confer with Kar-Nitan as to why he had been targeted. Of the many useless reasons he comes up with, he does divulge one possibility: it seems as though he had recently killed a human crime boss. I’m not sure how Kar-Nitan’s actions could have been tracked back to him, given that he had used a different disguise, but humans can be a strangely resourceful race. In the meantime, we agree to look into the attack. The final member of our group, Valyria, finally decides to make an appearance.

As for a plan, we disguise ourselves as Jorvak and the mercenaries, head for upper Magnimmar, and hope for a clue as to who Jorvak’s employers are. Although, we are quite quickly spotted by some suspicious-looking humans (well… more suspicious than usual) who invite us for beer. Apparently they were the other mercenaries who had been attacking Kar-Nitan’s neighbours. We meet with a small, mousy-looking man who asks us how the job went. We tell him that Kar-Nitan is dead, but that he was not an old man as we had been told, but a serpentfolk. The mousy-looking man seems unsurprised, though annoyed that we had not brought back the head of Jorvak’s target. Valyria decided to tail this man back from wherever he had come from to find out more about him. When she returned, she informed us of his identity: apparently, it was a Master Andross of the Valdemar estate.

With this new information, we decide to retire for the night. Valyria decides to test Jorvak’s wand to see what it does. It does not go well, as Valyria’s human disguise goes away and she cannot bring it back. Luckily this occurs away from any humans that might see it, and luckily the effect fades by morning, but still a close call.

We decide to jump Andross when we present him with “Kar-Nitan’s” head in order to extract information from him. As a prop for our ruse, we use Jorvak’s head in a bag. Andross is late. It is a warm day. Jorvak’s head begins to smell.

Andross finally shows up with two guardsmen. We enter an apartment block nearby and, while Valyria and Kyras follow at a distance, Andross leads his guardsmen and the rest of us to an apartment. Andross takes us and one guardsman inside, while the other guardsman remains outside. As Andross is waiting to see the head in the bag, we attack. Valyria and Kyras dispatch the guard outside, and the rest of us kill the guard inside and disable Andross.

We’ll begin our interrogation of Andross in a little while; hopefully it will prove informative.

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