Tag: boggard


  • Ugimmo

    Ugimmo serves the voice of the swamp, and has been exploring Saventh-Yhi in preparation for the entire city being plunged into swampy paradise. He is the shaman for the Tribe of the Green God. h4. Play History h6. 2012 *November 23* Cedric

  • Garluu

    Garluu is chieftain of the Tribe of the Green God, but he knows that he needs [[:ugimmo]] in order to placate the green god and maintain the magical defences.

  • Arrag

    Arrag is the chief trader for the Tribe of the Green God. She primarily works at the behest of [[:ugimmo]], and is distressed at his absence. Her most pressing need is always for onyxes or even onyx dust. She prefers trade goods to coin, which she has …