Tag: children of the spear


  • Olujimi

    Olujimi's favourite pastime was watching people fight each other. Sometimes he had members of the tribe battle, calling it training, but he prefered to have one of his warriors slay a captured prisoner in single combat.

  • Karna

    Some Charau-ka like hitting things and some like throwing things, and some hate those other two for breaking his damn vases all the time. Karna tried to keep up with the breakage for months but one day, while working with a particularly delicate figurine, …

  • Intso

    Intso joined the great chara-uka campaing against the serpentfolk so as to ensure the safety and well-being of his loving, doting family... who depend on him... as the sole earner in the family... due to the children's young age... and his wife's game leg …

  • Thwot

    Thwot likes trees and nature. Trees and nature are quiet. And calming. Sometimes Thwot has to meet charau-ka or other creatures. They aren't very quiet or calming. So Thwot makes them quiet. And calm. Thwot also has an animal companion. It is a boar. …