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  • Angle-Spiral-Blue

    Angle-Spiral-Blue is unusually intelligent for his kind, being roughly as smart as an average human. In the last half of the forty-sixth century he met [[:reethna-onatee]], and taught him the flail snail sign language. As Reethna-Onatee grew up in the …

  • Cuddles

    Cuddles doesn't know the word "misanthrope", but he probably dislikes anyone who might teach it to him. Also anyone who might not. Cuddles left the material plane by being thrown into a _bag of holding_, which he cut open with a knife from the inside. …

  • I-Hate-You-Brea

    I-Hate-You-Brea was [[:cuddles]]'s steed. She sometimes rode [[:angle-spiral-blue]]. I-Hate-You-Brea was killed by entering the _forbiddance_ in the sanctum of [[:ydersius]].

  • Bloat

    Bloat misses his swamp. He just wants to sit around and be wet and eat bugs. Sadly, the bees that come out of his _barrel o' bees_ are fake and inedible. He also wants a nap. He misses naps. h4. Play History h6. 2013 *June 17* Ted *August 9* …

  • Zaktaroffix

    Zaktaroffix has mottled dark yellow scales. He was a paladin until he put on a _Helm of Opposite Alignment_. h4. Play History h6. 2013 *June 17* Ryan