Tag: demon


  • Zakiyya

    Zakiyya was bathing in the river with a few other women when the heroes approached. Combat ensued, and Zakiyya eventually disappeared. She returned to hassle the party a few days later, using some sort of mind control magic. Still later, she induced …

  • Tentagard

    Tentagard was a helpful spirit consulted by the boggards of Saventh-Yhi. Once the PCs released him from his imprisonment, he reverted to his true form and teleported away.

  • Raviaza

    Called various names by the degenerates, Raviaza feels no need to correct them and indeed seems to have embraced the name "Snake-Bug-Elf". She has pointed ears, six arms, and is a snake from the waist down. Raviaza guards the lower temple in Ilmurea. …

  • Selaxasp

    Selaxasp was brought to Ilmurea by [[:vyr-azul]] via a _gate_ spell. She was ostensibly an advisor to [[:sskhavo]], but she was also, of course, a spy for the high priest. Selaxasp did not risk herself in the final fight against the heroes, since she …