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  • Vyr-Azul

    Vyr-Azul has conscripted all intelligent serpentfolk in service of the effort of reunited the great god Ydersius with his long lost skull. Vyr-Azul has sent various minions to enforce this conscription. h4. Play History h6. 2013 *August 2* Karen …

  • Ahktar-Drago

    Ahktar-Drago took [[:yssith-atil]]’s entire litter away from their mother almost immediately after birth for the purpose of experimentation. [[:squirt|His homunculus]] entertained the lone sentient member of the brood for several decades until boredom …

  • Sskhavo

    Sskhavo is a tall serpentfolk with a cobra-like hood. His scales are green and marked with numerous scars from his many battles. He is also a devout follower of Ydersius, and longs for the day when his god will return and restore the serpentfolk empire, …

  • Raviaza

    Called various names by the degenerates, Raviaza feels no need to correct them and indeed seems to have embraced the name "Snake-Bug-Elf". She has pointed ears, six arms, and is a snake from the waist down. Raviaza guards the lower temple in Ilmurea. …

  • Nylla-Jas

    Nylla-Jas recently awoke from about ten thousand years of suspended animation. h4. Play History h6. 2013 *August 2* Karen *August 9* Karen *August 16* Karen

  • Selaxasp

    Selaxasp was brought to Ilmurea by [[:vyr-azul]] via a _gate_ spell. She was ostensibly an advisor to [[:sskhavo]], but she was also, of course, a spy for the high priest. Selaxasp did not risk herself in the final fight against the heroes, since she …

  • Belkor

    Once a general in the urdefhan military and a close friend of the urdefhan leader [[:izon]], Belkor grew jealous of Izon’s continued success. When he realized a coup would never be successful against the half-fiend cleric, Belkor defected to his people’s …

  • Asaam

    The serpentfolk’s chief torturer, a muscular, degenerate brute called Asaam, spent most of his time in the torture chamber of Thousand Fangs. Though not purecaste, Asaam had proven so skilled in his chosen profession that he had been promoted far higher …

  • Qestl

    Qestl is [[:vyr-azul]]'s life-long companion. h4. Play History h6. 2013 *August 2* Karen *August 9* Karen *August 16* Karen

  • Tothom

    Tothom is a member of [[:kal-gor|Kal-Gor the Mighty]]'s squad. They have been assigned to eliminate urdefhan air superiority. Tothom plans on being Kal-Gor's second-in-command after the coup to overthrow [[:uthothot]]. Tothom wore [[:gorv]] the …

  • Eando Kline

    Eando Kline was caught trying to break into the Fortress of Thousand Fangs, specifically into [[:belkor]]'s chambers. He is currently being held prisoner in the fortress's dungeon.

  • Big

    Big was born as a slave somewhere in Nar-Voth, and served a variety of masters until the forces of [[:vyr-azul]] rescued him. He is currently assigned as [[:reethna-onatee]]'s bodyguard. He and [[:sarteth]] keep threatening to kill each other. It …

  • Meela-Kish

    Meela-Kish is a cleric trained by [[:vyr-azul]] to be completely loyal to himself and to [[:ydersius]] (in that order). In response to continued strain on Thousand Fangs, Vyr-Azul has permanently assigned her to the fortress.

  • Badag

    Badag is a cleric of [[:ydersius]]. He has been tasked by [[:vyr-azul]] to watch for any way that the Orvian vampires might be infecting serpentfolk and dealing with such situations appropriately.

  • Airesh

    Airesh is a cleric of [[:ydersius]]. Her current assignment from [[:vyr-azul]] is to watch what [[:reethna-onatee]] is doing and help him to accomplish Ydersius's will.