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  • Saventh-Yhi

    Saventh-Yhi is a legendary lost city of the Azlanti. There are those who believe that it contains the secret of how to find the lost serpentfolk city of Ilmurea and possibly even the skull of [[:ydersius]]. According to [[:issilar]], there are seven …

  • Wharfside

    Wharfside is the only pub in the district claimed by the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent. It is next to the wharf on the river, on the side closer to the residential buildings. Wharfside seats about forty people comfortably, plus it has a private room that …

  • Ilmurea

    Almost nothing is known of Ilmurea. It is deep underground, but might be anything from a small cavern to an enormous lost city. The name has survived as the location of [[:ydersius]]'s head, which was thrown into magma there.

  • Magnimar

    The city of Magnimar has over sixteen thousand people living there. It has a large open-air market where many different items are bought and sold (though rarely anything over 12 800 gp in value).