Tag: sacred serpent


  • Wharfside

    Wharfside is the only pub in the district claimed by the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent. It is next to the wharf on the river, on the side closer to the residential buildings. Wharfside seats about forty people comfortably, plus it has a private room that …

  • Radiant Muse

    The Radiant Muse is an azata who had been in Saventh-Yhi for a _very_ long time. She has been banished back to her home dimension. She is quite fond of sculpture.

  • Tarli

    Tarli is a young woman first seen by the party in the company of [[:akarundo]]. Initially she seemed extremely friendly with him, but after he fired off a _lightning bolt_ she looked at him in horror and tried to run away. He lashed out at her as she fled …

  • Jama

    Jama left home early on the morning of Lamashan 17. The previous evening he had had a fight with his girlfriend, [[:tarli]], and he went into the jungle to look for food and clear his head. He hasn't been home since. On the morning of Lamashan 24 he was …

  • Himbo

    Himbo and his husband, [[:big-boo]], run [[Wharfside]], the pub in the section claimed by the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent. Himbo tends to be the more gregarious of the two, and is usually out front while Big Boo stays in the kitchen.

  • Big Boo

    Big Boo and his husband, [[:himbo]], own [[Wharfside]], [[Saventh-Yhi]]'s only pub. Big Boo tends to be a little shy so he spends most of his time in the kitchen. When necessary he also acts as Wharfside's bouncer.