Tira-Brekal and Het-Kiril born.


Yssith-Atil born.


Sarteth and Lena-Karik born.


Starday, Arodus 5: Six serpentfolk meet Kar-Nitan in Magnimar. They defeat an ambush, which they trace back to House Valdemar.

Sunday, Arodus 6: The serpentfolk heroes meet Master Andros, a Valdemar retainer. They kill his guards and force him to arrange for a Protection from Evil spell to be cast on Lord Valdemar at the next meeting of the Council of Ushers. Reethna-Onatee falls into torpor, and is put in a room in the Lion Inn in Upper Magnimar. Andros gets on a ship headed for Riddleport.
Moonday, Arodus 7: The heroes meet with a human informant, who tells them that House Valdemar was behind the attacks. They assign him the codename “Chinchilla”. He leads them to the house of one of the leaders of the attack, but there’s nothing of interest there. They dismiss him, then meet Kar-Nitan as planned. He is in the company of a priestess of Ydersius named Jia-Noph.
Toilday, Arodus 8: Jia-Noph arranges a suite for the heroes at the Giggling Halfling, near the docks. Gethedar, in his guise as Terod Iras, is captured by agents of Vyr-Azul while trying to flee to Magnimar. They volunteer to escort him there.
Wealday, Arodus 9: Yarzoth arrives in Magnimar, and prepares to sail for Riddleport with the heroes.
Oathday, Arodus 10: Reethna-Onatee wakes from torpor. Yssith-Atil falls into torpor. The group boards the Flying Cloud and sails for Riddleport.
Fireday, Arodus 11: Sharta-Meklesh sneaks a look at Yarzoth’s documents. Gethedar meets with Jia-Noph, who informs him that he has been conscripted into the serpentfolk army under the command of Vyr-Azul.
Starday, Arodus 12: The group arrives in Riddleport and sets up at the Hairless Weasel. They receive a visit from Markesh, an assassin Akara-Jetzii recognizes as her mother. Yarzoth gets rather inebriated. Several of the group witness the failure of Chinchilla’s attempt to raise an army.

Sunday, Arodus 13: Sharta-Meklesh arranges for a friend to mistranslate Yarzoth’s documents. The group learns that there is a price on Brea Solaan’s head, and that Markesh is having a disagreement with her boss. A Magnimaran wizard teleports to Eleder with Gethedar and several other would-be archaeologists.
Moonday, Arodus 14: The group teleports to Eleder in Sargava. They see Andros and meet both Dargan Etters and Chivane. They audition for Dargan and agree to work for Chivane. They hire Andros to manage their employees.
Toilday, Arodus 15: Yarzoth is dead, as per the group’s agreement with Chivane. They do some reading and go shopping. Gethedar talks to several people, and signs on with the Free Captains of the Shackles under the leadership of Captain Kassata Lewynn.
Wealday, Arodus 16: They meet Chivane and agree to handle guide recruitment once she gives them a list of candidates. Some insurgents set fire to the warehouse and steal Andros. They find that Andros is being held at the South Arcadian Whaling Company and rescue him.
Oathday, Arodus 17: Chivane gives them the name of the prime candidate for guide: Nkechi the hermit-cleric of Gozreh. They research how best to recruit him.
Fireday, Arodus 18: They meet Nkechi, who sends them on the Quest of Water and the Quest of Wind. He brings them with him on a spirit journey, then tells them that he will lead them to a ruined city.
Starday, Arodus 19: The four runners (Kari-krex, Kol, Nibodo-Lumbe, and Suwuna), Nkechi, and the available trailblazers start their journey before noon. The head east across the plains.

Sunday, Arodus 20: Needing to ensure that the caravan was following them, they send Suwuna back at dawn. Late in the evening they meet some pineapple gatherers, and demande all of their food and weapons as tribute.
Moonday, Arodus 21: The group encounter a dire tiger (aka a smilodon), which severely injures several of them.
Toilday, Arodus 22: The group rests for half the day in order to recover from their tiger encounter.
Wealday, Arodus 23: Late in the day the group stops because they come to an abandoned mine. Suwuna rejoins them. At the mine they encounter a savage northerner named Athyra as well as Jaji, her pet deinonychus. She warns them that the mine is dangerous, so even though it would significantly shorten travel time they decide to avoid it and go the long way around. Nibodo-Lumbe leaves to give an update to the caravan behind them.
Oathday, Arodus 24: They journey for a day, which passes uneventfully.
Fireday, Arodus 25: At about mid-day they come across a trading camp. They purchase alcohol and gamble on a cock fight. When the locals try to pry even more money out of them they talk them out of it.
Starday, Arodus 26: They journey for a day, which passes uneventfully.

Sunday, Arodus 27: They discover four big monitor lizards right near where the caravan would need to ford a river. They draw off the lizards and feed them. Nibodo-Lumbe rejoins them.
Moonday, Arodus 28: Suwuna begins her journey back first thing in the morning. After nearly half a day of travel the group spies a village in the distance. They make a deal with the shaman and eliminate the chemosits threatening the village.
Toilday, Arodus 29: The group leaves the village early in the morning. They travel all day.
Wealday, Arodus 30: The group travels all day. During the night they are woken by a rampaging elephant, which they flee.
Oathday, Rova 1: Early in the morning their makeshift camp turns out to be built on a nest of what appear to be dire earwigs. A fight ensues, and Nibodo-Lumbe is dearly dragged way underground. Suwuna arrives back with the group but immediately turns around and accompanies Nibodo-Lumbe back to the caravan.
Starday, Rova 2: The group travels for a day, and notice a lot of vultures in the sky. As night is about to fall, two dire vultures seem particularly interested in them. The group slays the birds.

Sunday, Rova 3: They journey for a day, which passes uneventfully.
Moonday, Rova 4: The group travels all day, and little happens.
Toilday, Rova 5: They find a tree in a clearing. Many corpses hang from the tree. The group discovers the undead nature of the corpses and destroys them. They arrive in Kalabuto and meet Cheiton the dwarf. Yssith-Atil is killed in an ambush in an alleyway. Suwuna and Nibodo-Lumbe get married.
Wealday, Rova 6: Yssith-Atil is raised from the dead. The group goes shopping, then leaves Kalabuto.
Oathday, Rova 7: They travel for a day, and little happens.
Fireday, Rova 8: The group travels all day, and reaches the Lake of Vanishing Armies.
Starday, Rova 9: Nibodo-Lumbe and Suwuna leave to take a message to Chivane. The group rents two canoes and follows a treasure map to the middle of the lake, where they retrieve a chest from a wreck.

Sunday, Rova 10: The group leaves the Lake of Vanishing Armies.
Moonday, Rova 11: They encounter some ambushers from Mzali, who agree to help them. The group races ahead while the Mzali hunters clear the trail for their caravan.
Toilday, Rova 12: The group reaches the Screaming Jungle. Some lizardfolk urge some hippopotami to attack them.
Wealday, Rova 13: They travel through the jungle, and encounter a stegosaurus. They fight it, and Suwuna dies. Kol buries her in a cairn.
Oathday, Rova 14: They travel up river.
Fireday, Rova 15: They continue up the river.
Starday, Rova 16: After a day of moving up river, the group is ambushed at around midnight by agents of the Shackles Pirates. The group prevails, capturing the three half-orc sisters behind the attack and killing an ankheg. Nibodo-Lumbe disappears beneath the earth, trapped in the fangs of another ankheg. Tiri, a water elemental in service to Besmara, escapes. The three sisters promise to help the group.

Sunday, Rova 17: The entire group, including Kara, Kadda, and Zoo (the three pirate sisters), travels up the river.
Moonday, Rova 18: Under a particularly dense canopy, the group spies the corpses of some humans. As they begin to investigate, a screaming ape charges at them. Het-Kiril is possessed by a demon, but gets better. Nkechi dies. Kol dies.
Toilday, Rova 19: They continue through the Screaming Jungle.
Wealday, Rova 20: The group keeps walking up river.
Oathday, Rova 21: They travel onward.
Fireday, Rova 22: The day passes uneventfully, but during the night the group is attacked by some lions.
Starday, Rova 23: They destroy some deadly wasps and venomous snakes during their journey.

Sunday, Rova 24: The group continues up river.
Moonday, Rova 25: They travel through the Screaming Jungle.
Toilday, Rova 26: They slay some monitor lizards, then locate the nest and take the three eggs they find there.
Wealday, Rova 27: They find a canoe on the river. After stealing the oars, they track a human through the jungle to an ancient crypt of a great hero. They kill the defiler of the crypt, pay respect to the remains of the hero, and depart (taking with them the items that the thief had taken from the crypt). They push the canoe into the water.
Oathday, Rova 28: The group finally leaves the Screaming Jungle.
Fireday, Rova 29: They travel up river.
Starday, Rova 30: They journey onward.

Sunday, Lamashan 1: The group spots a pair of figures on a hill, watching them. As soon as they realize that they’ve been seen, the watchers flee. The group chases them down, and when the retreating individuals defend themselves from the seven people charging at them they are quickly defeated. They agree to take the group to the rest of their scouting group.
Moonday, Lamashan 2: Along the way, they encounter a giant frilled lizard, which they scare off.
Toilday, Lamashan 3: They press onward.
Wealday, Lamashan 4: The group finally arrive at the meeting place where the eloko were to meet the other scouts. When the heroes become impatient, they force their prisoners to begin shouting in an attempt to locate their fellows. Since the shouts consist of warnings, the heroes grow angry. When one of the eloko volunteers to wade into the river to check there, the group allows him to do so but kills him when he attempts to escape. The remaining prisoner becomes terrified, and the heroes allow her to flee. They realize that the other scouts are preparing an ambush for them, so they march toward it. Kadda dies.
Oathday, Lamashan 5: The group treks toward their destination.
Fireday, Lamashan 6: They spend the day continuing their trip.
Starday, Lamashan 7: They voyage North.

Sunday, Lamashan 8: The group travels onward.
Moonday, Lamashan 9: Near the point where the group intends to leave the river and press overland, they see several young women bathing. The women beckon to them and invite them for supper. When one of them attempts magical coercion, the group attacks. Three of the young women are quickly defeated, and the other teleports away. The group escorts the survivors home, then presses on for a couple of hours before making camp.
Toilday, Lamashan 10: The group heads overland toward Tazion.
Wealday, Lamashan 11: The group fights a four-armed gorilla in the morning. Late in the day, they set up camp to try to trick whoever is following them into thinking that they’re helpless. A group apparently consisting of humans plus Kari-krex approaches the camp. The heroes ambush them, and a fight ensues. Kari-krex gets knocked unconscious, one of the men is killed, and everyone else flees.
Oathday, Lamashan 12: The group spends the day hiking westward, and little of note takes place.
Fireday, Lamashan 13: The day’s journey is uneventful, but after dark their rest is disturbed by a giant scorpion being ridden by ten goblins. The goblins miss the hints that they shouldn’t hang around.
Starday, Lamashan 14: The heroes send the goblins ahead to scout Tazion. By nightfall the goblins are still within sight, so clearly they weren’t much faster.

Sunday, Lamashan 15: The day over travel passes without issue, but during the night the goblins return.
Moonday, Lamashan 16: Early in the morning the goblins set out toward Tazion. An hour or two later they come screaming back toward the PCs. The heroes defeat the ape-men who were pursuing them, then the entire group enters and begins to explore Tazion. Big Belly dies. Who? dies. Cuddles dies, taking Het-Kiril’s bag of holding with him in the resulting explosion. Many charau-ka die, including Iraharor. The heroes meet Issilar, and lie to him. Het-Kiril and Gravy get married, after the latter attempts an amazing quest. Kara and Zoo prepare to stay behind in Tazion, along with the corpse of Kadda. Damp also decides to stay behind, next to her amazing fire.
Toilday, Lamashan 17: The five serpentfolk heroes reveal themselves to Issilar. The group leaves Tazion and sets of for Saventh-Yhi.
Wealday, Lamashan 18: They continue their journey.
Oathday, Lamashan 19: The group presses through more jungle toward Saventh-Yhi, continuing to blaze a trail for their caravan behind them.
Fireday, Lamashan 20: As they travel, Lena-Karik sends Phoenix ahead to scout Saventh-Yhi. Yssith-Atil uses this information to begin a map.
Starday, Lamashan 21: The group continues its journey, and Lena-Karik and Yssith-Atil continue to work on the map.

Sunday, Lamashan 22: They travel. Lena-Karik and Yssith-Atil finish their map of Saventh-Yhi.
Moonday, Lamashan 23: By mid-afternoon the group has finished climbing the area near the waterfall that marks the entrance to Saventh-Yhi. They defeat some crocodiles and pteranodons and get their first real view of the city. Gravy falls. They camp in a ruined building. By nightfall, three caravans have arrived at the base of the waterfall and begun cooperating to build a way for all of them to get a caravan up the cliff.
Toilday, Lamashan 24: At dawn, Gethedar scales the cliff next to the waterfall. The group crosses a bridge to the island occupied by serpentfolk. They meet Ugimmo, who flees, Gethedar, who stays with them, Zif-Tarrin, who promises to see Lena-Karik again later, and Akarundo, who throws a few lightning bolts at them and then leaves. They interview Tarli, find Ugimmo rifling through their stuff and tie him up, encounter some serpentfolk, locate Akarundo, and sneak around to Khalid-Shah‘s island. They begin to explore the caverns beneath the smaller island, and fight and kill a giant flytrap. Mine and Gravy become paranoid. They fight four winged mud men, then retreat to the island where they had left their mules. They interrogate Ugimmo.
Wealday, Lamashan 25: Two of the degenerate serpentfolk, Gaz-o and Stetha, come looking for Issilar and end up joining him. The whole group leaves the island, and they trick Slycora and his mates into thinking they fought them. They see Zif-Tarrin in Wharfside, and then steal two boats from the humans. They row out to a ruin on an island, and see a froghemoth breaching in the distance. They fight some creatures and get some loot. Kotchok gets afflicted with mummy rot.
Oathday, Lamashan 26: Issilar charms the froghemoth, greatly impressing the boggards. The group returns to the mules, then Lena-Karik takes their extra stuff and teleports to Magnimar with Zif-Tarrin. The rest of the group spends the day near the boggard ziggurat.
Fireday, Lamashan 27: Issilar leads a group (the most prominent member of which was the Froghemoth) across Lake Hirilaka to his home island. In spite of a mokele-mbembe attack, the assault is successful and Akarundo is utterly defeated. The serpentfolk spend the rest of the day celebrating.
Starday, Lamashan 28: Issilar and the team re-enter Khalid-Shah’s demesne. They have great difficulty getting through all of the mud, and leave.

Sunday, Lamashan 29: The group once again attempts Khalid-Shah‘s lair. This time they are prepared, and Reethna-Onatee casts a spell to allow them to walk over the mud. They defeat both Khalid-Shah and a huge elemental. They escort the charau-ka they rescued back across the bridge, and meet (and slay) Olujimi.
Moonday, Lamashan 30: The group takes their mules back to the Red Mantis caravan, and drop off Akara-Jetzii with them. They create the B-Team and assign them to find Gravy. The various caravans begin setting up camp in Saventh-Yhi. The group travels to the human area of Saventh-Yhi where they meet Sozothala, an ancient, undead serpentfolk. He tells them of an underground complex, which they begin exploring. Gethedar and Yssith-Atil are rendered deaf.
Toilday, Neth 1: Mine and Gravy attempt to resist their insanity. Sozothala confers with Issilar. The heroes reenter the complex beneath the human sector and slay some bat folk, a stone golem, and a giant slug. Professor Stetha joins them. They visit Arrag, Ugimmo, and Garluu. Several of them purchase boggard-made belts.
Wealday, Neth 2: After a bit of healing, they set out to confront Tentagard, the demon they’d unwittingly released. They slay him. The report their success to Garluu then head towards the portal/archive room. On the way they hear that the female elf was taken by the humans and find that a being, maybe a ghost, has moved into the house above the portal/archive room and is accompanied by Dark Fire. The archive shows the group the location (circa the fall of Saventh-Yhi) of all the portal runes. The group returned to the boggard area to rest.
Oathday, Neth 3: The group makes a failed attempt to get the “gluttony” runes from an underwater river. They returned to the boggard area to rest
Fireday, Neth 4: The group travel to, and attacks the chimera nest. During the fight, Captain Tira-Brekal arrives with a squad and kills one of the chimera. She assigns three of her personnel to Het-Kiril and departs. Her squad is later seen intermingling with Kassata Lewynn‘s people. The heroes search the chimera lair, try to find the Wealth crystal (but fail), and journey past the charau-ka to the district of Righteous Anger. They enter a cave and kill a spider thing and some undead. They find a crystal and a staff of evocation.
Starday, Neth 5: Just after midnight, the group fights some vegepymies then meets up with Reethna-Onatee, who is surrounded by plague-ridden humans. Once dawn breaks, they meet Osond, who takes them to the Radiant Muse. They proceed to Galla’s home, where they fight her (killing Dark Fire again) before Lena-Karik convinces her that they’ll take care of things and she shouldn’t count on Zakiyya. Finally they return to the hill where Stetha had been digging, decide to leave Het-Kiril behind, and fail to kill the creatures below the hill.

Sunday, Neth 6: The group agrees to capture The Voice of the Swamp alive. They banish the Radiant Muse. They sneak through troglodyte and vegepygmy territory, then fight some lionplants and fungi. After collecting the needed crystal they enter the vault in the troglodyte region, and after a couple of tries succeed in retrieving the needed crystal. They retreat into the jungle to rest.
Moonday, Neth 7: They acquire the mantis blade, infuriating the troglodytes in the process. They knock out Yog’oltha and hand him over to M’deggog, then slay a sarchosuchus. After dropping the sword with Chivane, they get Zif-Tarrin to teleport them to Absalom. Reethna-Onatee acquires a scroll of commune and asks Iomadae for advice.
Toilday, Neth 8 They teleport back to Saventh-Yhi. Sozothala has finished fixing the portal, and the group offers to scout beyond it. They kill a spider, kill some Orvian vampires, sneak past some others, help Chivane teleport into Ilmurea, and report for duty.
Wealday, Neth 9 They work at their assignments.
Oathday, Neth 10 Work is halted prematurely to celebrate Vyr-Azul‘s discovery of Ydersius’s skull.
Fireday, Neth 11: Arrag’s last day crafting the belt of physical might for the heroes. Individually, another army shift starts. (The shifts are forty-eight hours in length with a six-hour break between them.)
Starday, Neth 12: The shift continues through the day.

Sunday, Neth 13: The shift concludes. The group meets up for planning. Reethna-Onatee reads a scroll of miracle and his sword is imbued with intelligence. Another shift begins.
Monday, Neth 14: The shift continues through the day.
Toilday, Neth 15: The shift ends. The group gathers, goes shopping in Katapesh, and attacks Ahktar-Drago, killing him. The group talks to Issilar, Khavith, and Tira-Brekal, requesting that they stay out of their fight with Vyr-Azul. Khavith decides to hire the Red Mantis to assassinate Vyr-Azul.
Wealday, Neth 17: Another shift begins.
Oathday, Neth 18: The shift continues.
Fireday, Neth 19: The shift ends. The group enters the temple, seeking a meeting with Sozothala. They meet the Emperor of Scales, Sarteth, and Sozothala. They begin their fifth shift.
Starday, Neth 20: The shift continues.

Sunday, Neth 21: The shift ends. They meet up near Reethna-Onatee’s fortifications. Big seems smarter. Gethedar hands Belkor’s corpse over to Eando Kline. The group murders Airesh. They defeat the Emperor of Scales and drive off the snake-bug-elf, only to encounter her again in the inner sanctum. They decapitate a revived Ydersius and escape with his head.

Sunday, Neth 28: Reethna-Onatee departs from Oppara in Taldor to join Iomadae on another world in a desperate fight against evil gods.
Wealday, Kuthona 1: Chinchilla receives a letter from his girlfriend in Magnimar, telling him that she’s pregnant. Zif-Tarrin teleports him there.

Sunday, Kuthona 12: Lena-Karik teleports to Magnimar in search of Chinchilla.
Moonday, Kuthona 13: Reethna-Onatee returns to Golarion, much changed. He arrives in Korvosa and begins seeking Lord Anselar Rosala.
Toilday, Kuthona 14: Reethna-Onatee searches Korvosa. People are distressed by his appearance. Lena-Karik has someone teleport her to Korvosa.
Wealday, Kuthona 15: Reethna-Onatee causes a commotion just by being who he is. Lena-Karik hears about it and meets up with him. They learn the whereabouts of Lord Rosala and go to meet him. Finding common cause, they determine to travel with him and his two companions (Lady Coraline Arvanxi and Lord Aremcesca Dioso).
Oathday, Kuthona 16: The groups travels by coach through Bloodsworn Vale, spending the night at Fort Thorn.
Fireday, Kuthona 17: The groups travels all day, ending their journey in Skelt. They stay the night at the Platinum Platter.
Starday, Kuthona 18: They travel to the Growling Skald and encounter members of the Searing Stone tribe of fire giants. Aremcesca dies. They kill many of them, and accept the surrender of one of them. Lena-Karik names him “Frosty”. Aremcesca dies and is brought back to life by Folba-Onatee. They group returns to Skelt, makes a purchase, then teleports to Westcrown where they spend the night in the mayoral manor house.

Sunday, Kuthona 19: The group teleports back to the Growling Skald. Frosty leads Varia (whom he considers his king) and company into the mountain, then they jump through the Somal Gate to the moon. They fight some demons, one of whom teleports away, then meet a jotund troll who seems to be the groundskeeper. He gives them vague warnings, then keeps working. They sneak past what looks like an albino froghemoth, leave an altar undisturbed, and approach a black tower. Varia almost single-handedly kills three moon beasts, then the group enters the tower. They find Chinchilla inside, and kill the fifteen demons trying to keep him there (though the humans in the group have trouble resisting their mind control). They find a secret tunnel leading down, but when Coraline scouts ahead she gets attacked by three creatures with acid breath and quickly escapes back to the surface. They follow her, and the group slays them. They use a scroll of magnificent mansion, and spend the night inside.
Moonday, Kuthona 20: They head down the secret tunnel, through a library of ruined books, and rescue a lillend named Vintari. She suffers from being feebleminded, but Reethna-Onatee casts heal and restores her. She elects to join the expedition. They fight some hezrou demons, rescue some more prisoners, then see a huge gold dragon guarding more cages. Varia remembers that she has a Zenj Spirit Fetish, which she uses to free the dragon from possession by a shadow demon. The dragon (Maurinaxian) returns to the surface, and the group is rejoined by Aremcesca. They rescue more prisoners, then explore a level full of succubus statues. Some vrocks try unsuccessfully to prevent them from descending further, but a marilith brings them to a halt. They teleport back to Westcrown.
Toilday, Kuthona 21: They teleport back to the moon, leaving behind Vintari but taking along a Wiscrani cleric of Iomadae named Arael. They attack the marilith and drive her away, slaying one of her two vampire companions as well as Zakiyya (thus fulfilling that oath). They travel around that level of the dungeon, slaying many vampires. Lena-Karik establishes communication with someone named “Betcezia” behind a foul-smelling door, and agrees to speak with her again in an hour. The group descends and defeats several glabrezus and a human before moving into the Boudoir of the Insatiable Queen. Lena-Karik attempts to seduce the ancient succubus, and succeeds in distracting her long enough for Reethna-Onatee and Anselar to finish preparations. Aremcesca, Coraline, and Maurinaxian die. Lena-Karik delivers the finishing blow to Izmiara, the Insatiable Queen, putting an end to her twelve thousand year reign on the moon. Iomadae’s herald appears and bestows a mythic tier upon her.


Oathday, Neth 5: Akara-Jetzii (using her Kadara Jedzi persona) arrives in Tamrivena in Ustalav, along with her current companion Goonug. While there she encounters her old friend Arlyxannah and her friends Ka’kutah and Miri. They relax at Hilda’s and have some drinks. During this time they decide that they will all be going to Castle Andachi to kill orcs. Since this is in accordance with the plans that she and Goonug had already made, Akara-Jetzii decides to accompany them.
Fireday, Neth 6: The group has a rest day.
Starday, Neth 7: The five of them depart for Castle Andachi.

Sunday, Neth 8: They travel. The weather is particularly cold and dark.
Moonday, Neth 9: They arrive at Castle Andachi, which turns out to be infested with fungus. Many of the orcs have been overcome by mindslaver molds. The group kills many orcs.
Toilday, Neth 10-Starday, Neth 14: The group returns to Tamrivena by a very circuitous route, stopping in Ravengro so that Arlyxannah can pick up something she needed.

Sunday, Neth 15: Akara-Jetzii and her team return to Tamrivena, leaving Goonug outside of town. Hilda gives them tribute of custom-made scarves and toques.
Moonday, Neth 16: They have a rest day.
Toilday, Neth 17: They do some shopping, then spend the evening at Hilda’s.
Wealday, Neth 18: They have a rest day.
Oathday, Neth 19: They depart Tamrivena for Valorfoe, collecting Goonug as they go.
Fireday, Neth 20: They travel across the snow.
Starday, Neth 21: There is sleet. They leave Ustalav and cross into Belkzen.

Sunday, Neth 22: Late in the day they arrive at Valorfoe. They defeat two vampires, a human, and a bunch of orcs. For some reason they heal the human. They discover dark folk beneath Valorfoe, but leave them alone.
Moonday, Neth 23: They travel back into Ustalav.
Toilday, Neth 24: They head north toward Tamrivena.
Wealday, Neth 25: Late in the day they arrive in Tamrivena.
Oathday, Neth 26-Starday, Neth-28: They hang out in Tamrivena.

Sunday, Neth 29-Toilday, Kuthona 1: They travel. It rains and occasionally sleets.
Wealday, Kuthona 2: They arrive at Tower Valballus. It has been overrun with lycanthropic orcs and humans. Arlyxannah makes some sort of deal with them, and they leave. Goonug dies. The group fights an enormous ooze in the basement of the tower, slaying it and taking the instant fortress that had lured the werewolves there in the first place.
Oathday, Kuthona 3-Starday, Kuthona 5: They journey back to Tamrivena.

Sunday, Kuthona 6: Back in Tamrivena, they enjoy fame and sponsorship in the form of free room, board, and many drinks.


Sunday, Abadius 4: They decide to leave Ustalav behind in order to travel to Sedeq to join Ka’kutah’s brother, Folongko.
Moonday, Abadius 5-Starday, Abadius 10: They travel.

Sunday, Abadius 11: They arrive in Urgir.
Moonday, Abadius 12: They arrange for teleportation to Sedeq.
Toilday, Abadius 13: They arrive in Sedeq.
Wealday, Abadius 14: They sell loot and go shopping.

Sunday, Calistril 10: Arrival of the Damned Jewel in Sedeq. Ka’kurah and his brother, Folongko, are reunited after years apart. Folongko introduces his girlfriend, Hunaydah.
Moonday, Calistril 11-Starday, Calistril 16: Hilda’s Glowing Carrots show Folongko, Hunaydah, and their captain (Zarrnok the hobgoblin) around Sedeq.

Sunday, Calistril 17-Starday, Calistril 23: The Carrots takes a barge up-river.

Sunday, Calistril 24: They disembark from the barge and start toward Dimayen overland.
Moonday, Calistril 25: They travel. That night they are attacked by some odd six-legged lightning lizards.
Toilday, Calistril 26: They travel all day. They decide to cram into their portable fortress for the night. This helps them when a sand kraken attacks their mule.
Wealday, Calistril 27: They travel all day.
Oathday, Calistril 28: They arrive in Dimayen. They help the Long Whiskers mercenary company subdue their captain. Hundaydah introduces Folongko to her family. They learn that there is some sort of plague or curse known as the Feast of Dust. They go to the Fabled & Forgotten book store to investigate, where they fight a ghoul and an invisible stalker in the storefront then two odd creatures (one of whom teleports away) in the print shop. They spend the rest of the day going about town boasting of their exploits in hopes of attracting attention.
Fireday, Calistril 29: Hilda’s Glowing Carrots receive an invitation to the Whitewater compound in the middle of town. They go there and meet Kardag Whitewater, who invites them to spar for honour. They immediately drop him into a coma. They meet with some other members of the Whitewater family, as well as High Priest Arakor Shonar. They return to Fabled & Forgotten and explore the basement. They encounter some undead as well as some other creatures, and retreat.
Starday, Calistril 30: They return to the basement of the book store, where they defeat the daemons waiting for them. One of the daemons teleports away. The heroes discover that the ravenous blade has been replaced by a permanent image.

Sunday, Pharast 1: The heroes leave Dimayen and journey toward Blood Rise Rock.
Moonday, Pharast 2-Wealday, Pharast 4: They travel.
Oathday, Pharast 5: Tassrith encounters the group as they approach Blood Rise Rock. She telepathically apprises Akara-Jetzii of the situation there. The group finds two feuding clans. Akara-Jetzii suggests to one leader that they be allowed to pass, and the group convinces the other group of the same thing in a more conventional way. Up a narrow ramp they find a hidden door. They defeat the guards and enter, only to discover a clay golem masquerading as a god as well as his guards and handlers. They defeat them all. They stay overnight behind the secret door.
Fireday, Pharast 6: They fly out invisibly and begin the trip to Shadun.
Starday, Pharast 7: They travel.

Sunday, Pharast 8: While they travel Ka’kutah’s body becomes covered in fungus.
Moonday, Pharast 9-Fireday, Pharast 13: They travel
Starday, Pharast 14: They arrive at the ruins of Shadun. They meet Queen Julkar and her retainers. They kill Reched the meladaemon. They find a secure spot in the ruins and spend the night in their magical fortress.

Sunday, Pharast 15: They descend into the buried remains of the complex surrounding the Oblivion Vault. They kill some undead. Miri V makes a minor infernal pact in order to get into a vault. The group fights two devourers then acquires the Handflower of Genocide. That evening they put on a show for Queen Julkar.
Moonday, Pharast 16: They travel.
Toilday, Pharast 17: They travel. Late in the day they arrive at the Lethe hot springs. They fight fiendish humans, yrthak, and a goezspall. They retrieve the Calabash of Last Draughts.
Wealday, Pharast 18: They travel.
Oathday, Pharast 19: They arrive in Khoka.
Fireday, Pharast 20: They shop. Ka’kutah stables Donkey and parks the cart in Khoka.
Starday, Pharast 21: They leave Khoka and start into the Meraz desert.

Sunday, Pharast 22: Ka’kutah’s magical lamp transports them all directly to the top of the Sunbleached Tower. They fight three daemons and close a portal to Abaddon. They fly to the bottom of the tower, enter past some haunted teeth, and descend into a cold basement where they fight Shemkar Shellish, some other humans, and some hounds of some sort. They defeat them, then retreat into the desert to rest.
Moonday, Pharast 23: The group presses back into the Sunbleached Tower, taking advantage of the depowering of the haunts that resulted from the closure of the portal. They kill the daemons and guard between themselves and the Tree of Desolation, where they encounter the Jackal Prince of Famine. After they slay him, they determine that he was possessing the corpse of Dehlvat Aaban, which they retrieve in order to return to his father. The Feast of Dust ends.


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