Saventh-Yhi is a legendary lost city of the Azlanti. There are those who believe that it contains the secret of how to find the lost serpentfolk city of Ilmurea and possibly even the skull of Ydersius.

According to Issilar, there are seven districts of the city (each centred around one of the giant obelisks) occupied by different groups:

  1. serpentfolk
  2. charau-ka
  3. vegepygmies
  4. stinky lizards
  5. boggards
    • can sell magical pens and ink for scribing scrolls
  6. humans
  7. monsters

Lena-Karik (via Phoenix, her animal companion) and Yssith-Atil have prepared a map of the city.

Fog rises and clings to the waters and cliffs of the city every morning, but these mists quickly burn off by midmorning. By noon, the heat of the sun raises temperatures to agonizing heights (treat the hours between noon and 3:00 p.m. as very hot). Heavy rain falls in the late afternoon, providing relief from the sweltering heat. As evening approaches, the rain dies off and the fog returns, remaining until midnight when more rain clears the air.


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