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losing your head is inconvenient.

Hopefully from the future journal of Yssith-Atil:

Having violently subdued the Emperor of Scales, we Dimension Doored into the antechamber before “The Sanctum” as the guards called it. It was eerily silent until Gethadar walked, invisibly, into the Sanctum itself. Four degenerates had left the massive adamantine doors open so that they could hide behind them and ambush the temple’s latest invaders…us. Once Reethna and Het went into the Sanctum and started into those four, the real threats emerged. Sozothala, Nylla-Jas, Vyr-Azul, Raviaza, and some green skinned lady were all waiting for us… in the air. For some reason, mass flying never occurred to us.

If the last few months had taught me anything, it is to work with what you have. After I conjured a ramp over the Blade Wall that someone have put up, Reethna managed to take an impressive leap at Sozothala, taking his head clean off his shoulders. Reethna is now behind the wall, some how surviving the intense magical onslaught that Vyr-Azul and Nylla-Jas are pouring onto him.

Gethadar followed Reethna’s lead by bolting up to grab onto the green skinned lady. For a hairy moment, it looked like she may try to drop him into a giant pit off to one side of the Sanctum. Of course, we shouldn’t have worried. He sprung off the green lady to try for Nylla-Jas, unfortunately, her Mirror Images did their job and he fell to the floor. But, he made his point, and all the flyers seem to be edging a little higher.

Het was having too much fun with the four, now two degenerates to get involved with all these high flying antics. After killing two and blinding one, he had to jump through a Wall of Fire to help Lena and me with our little problem.

Lena, with her usual terrifying flair, has been filling the immediate area with shafts while trying to convince Nylla-Jas that this is not our fault. I swear that it may have worked too… unfortunately, Nazith, like the others, is as insane as Drago and bent on the conquest of the Overburn. Which leads to the problem. Crazy wizard types tend to summon dangerous outsiders and other assorted terrifying beasts to their aid. Outsiders like Raviava, the six-armed, flying, snake-bug-elf, thing that just swept through the ante-chamber and sliced up Lena with concerning accuracy. Lena has dropped to the floor, hopefully alive.

I was barely able to teleport myself to the opposite side of Raviava to put into action ‘Plan A for crazily powerful outsiders and wizards’, an Antimagic Field. Of course this leaves me cut off the magics and friends that have kept me, mostly, alive until now. It’s amazing how much time you have to consider your life when you are standing next to something that is about to kill you… and how much trust you can have in four other people to stop that from happening.


That was a really clever use of wall of stone, and the resulting attack on Sozothala was amazing.

One correction: Nazith-Yol was assassinated. You’re facing Nylla-Jas.

3 out of 4 Serpentfolk agree...

Thank you for the compliment and correction.

3 out of 4 Serpentfolk agree...
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