Conscientious Objectors

Contientious Objectors: Fact or Fiction? by Arbo Keioki

Chapter 3: Lena:Karik (pgs 342-344)

Excerpt from Chapter 3: Lena:Karik (pgs 342-344)

The diary of Lena-Karik, the famed Serpentfolk warrior, was found in the clutches of the human named Groundhog. The existence of this diary was only rumoured among those inside the Church of Lena-Karik. According to close friends of Groundhog, the diary was passed down from his grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s friend’s grandfather’s deliveryman’s grandfather, who had been the legendary shadow vampire, Chinchilla. Chinchilla was the first soldier of Lena-Karik, and went off to train many other soldiers. These soldiers in turn went off to raise many animals of various sizes, all in the name of Lena-Karik.

Below is a small excerpt, retelling the fight against Ydersius.

All I could think of when I was standing wounded on the pyramid, waiting for Vyr-Azul’s spells to inevitably hit, was how Phoenix and Unicorn and Pegasus and Cerberus would miss me when I died. Then Sharta-Meklesh also appeared on the pyramid and a glow came from Reethna-Onatee and then from within me. Warm, tingly, healing that tasted like justice and mithril. Or maybe that was the blood. Anyway, I have converted to Iomadae.

With newfound hope we fought on. Even when the tyrannosaurus rex appeared behind me. Even with a bunch of bees kept coming out of this amphibian’s barrel. Even when this goblin that looked suspiciously like Cuddles was running back and forth near this large gooey snail.

Al though the tyrannosaurus was unusually persistent, I left Het-Kiril to it and worked to take Nylla-Jas down. Meanwhile I could see Terod-Iras bravely go face-to-face with Ydersius. Our dearly departed Yssith-Atil’s summoned creature was able to climb down the hole, grab the sword Fulba Onatee, and return it to Reethna-Onatee.

Reethna-Onatee chopped Ydersius’s head off. There was a collective gasp (and a shrill inserpentfolkane scream from Vyr-Azul) as the head rolled and the body blindly flailed with indignation. Vyr-Azul tried to grab the head but dropped it into the arms of Reethna-Onatee. Around that time the tyrannosaurus grabbed me in his teeth and we decided as a group it was time to go. The bunch of us at the pyramid went to recoup while Reethna-Onatee said he would take Terod-Iras and Ydersius’s head to a high temple of Iomadae and teleported away.

We laid low for a bit and I thought since Zif had been so nice to let me “borrow” his teleportation boots I would also whittle him a small Head of Ydersius in addition to the Cerberus ornament. I asked group if we could stop off quickly on the island where Zif and the pets were relaxing and to our surprise found the Reethna-Onatee and Terod still a bit worn and being taken care of by Chinchilla. Reethna didn’t really want to talk about why they were here instead of the temple so I handed him Cerberus. Playing with Cerberus is a good stress reliever. Thankfully Zif was still asleep, so we had a coconut drink and waited for the boots to recharge before setting off again.

We will have to take care of Vyr-Azul soon, but right now laying on the ground and breathing while not talking to each other is pretty nice.

Are these the false scribbles of a deluded cult leader or is this finally proof a rebel group of Serpentfolk succeeded against their god? Researchers have puzzled over this for decades. Unless a daring group of adventurers can find more evidence, we may never know the answer.


Beautiful. What a great summary of the finale.

tbug aurabright

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