Conscientious Objectors

I have a shrunken monkey head

Mayor Arvanxi hardly had time to get her breath back before the three acid spitting betentacled millapede things burrowed up after her. The group fought them and, while there was a bit if pain, were victorious. They pushed the carcasses off the plateau, went into the jungle a bit, and used a scroll of magnificent mansion to give the rescued prisoners (and themselves) a decent place to spend the night.

In the morning they all went down the tunnel, leaving Lord Dioso behing to look after the prisoners, and soon found themselves in a prison for celestials. Reethna-Onatee was particularly distressed by the sight of three dead archons. The only prisoner still alive was Vintari, a feebleminded lillend. Reethna-Onatee unhesitatingly cast heal for the first time, bringing her back to herself. She told the group about the Insatiable Queen and how she had captured Himotae, a human poet for whom Vintari served as a muse. She chose to join them in the quest to end the kidnappings, saying that they needed to find the Boudoir of the Insatiable Queen on the Ring of Ecstasy.

The next room had several hezrou demons in a massive whirlpool. Two of them were knocked unconscious and were whisked away, and two more were slain.

More human prisoners were beyond them, and though these were all insane the group was careful to free as many as could survive and put them out of harm’s way.

Finally they found an enormous cavern of a room, with cages hanging from the ceiling and a large statue of a succubus straddling a door.

“Classy,” remarked Reethna-Onatee.

Guarding the room was a huge gold dragon, and Lena-Karik was able to use Zig-Tarrin’s borrowed goggles to realize that the dragon was possessed by a shadow demon. The group feel into detailed discussion of how to fight the dragon without killing her in hopes of freeing her from the demon’s possession. It looked like it was going to be a very tough fight.

“Or,” said Lena-Karik, “I have a shrunken monkey head.”

Investigation soon revealed that the Zenj Spirit Fetish was intended for exactly the purpose of expelling shadow demons, and she quickly put it to use. The dragon, Maurinaxian, was very grateful.



Guest PCs:

Anselar Harth
Coraline Arvanxi


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