Conscientious Objectors

Into the Screaming Jungle

On Moonday, the eleventh day of Rova, the group departed the Lake of Vanishing Armies and headed eastward. Before long they encountered a group of the Mzali, a xenophobic population of humans worshipping an undead child. Knowing the land, the group had taken precautions and had prepared a cover story of how they were all natives of the region and approved of the Mzali philosophy. Being such accomplished liars and fast-talkers, they convinced the would-be ambushers to let them past.

Once in the Screaming Jungle, they saw some lizardfolk near some hippopotami. Eschewing any thought of reptilian fraternity, the lizardfolk and serpentfolk immediately attacked each other, though a charging hippopotamus quickly took all the attention of the Red Mantis scouts. Ignoring the fleeing lizardfolk, they concentrated on the enraged beast and finally slew it.

The Screaming Jungle lived up to its name, with hundreds of monkeys constantly screaming during daylight hours. The early afternoon also provided torrential rainfall, causing some concern for the wellbeing of the serpentfolk in torpor after a large meal.

The following day saw an encounter with a stegosaurus. Things were tense but favouring the scouts until Suwuna, one of their runners, decided to engage it in hand-to-hand combat. Her death was soon followed by that of the dinosaur, but it was too late to save her.


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